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Okay, I have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of conservative friends. Many of them are socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

Yesterday, one of my dear friends from high school started to tease me on my Facebook Status that it was a sign that it was time for me to join the republican party.

Then another friend chimed in…and it was all in good fun and we had a great time teasing each other. Finally one of my friends asked me what was so scary about Mitt Romney. (which, I’ll admit, seems pretty obvious to me) and I asked him if he really wanted to know why I was voting for Obama over Romney. (btw, my next choice is Jill Stein…the Green Party Candidate…) I said that I would happily answer as long as they really wanted to know and as long as it didn’t turn into a battle of trying to change each others’ minds…because let’s face it, that rarely happens.

So I answered them…and I thought I’d share my answer with you….

Romney has forgotten what his true stance is on Women’s rights in regards to birth control, abortion and universal healthcare. Up until he ran for president, he was quite moderate and could have possibly been a choice I would consider. I can not consider him a viable candidate since he’s now only willing to serve his Borg Master as oppose to run on his own core beliefs. McCain did the same thing. Had McCain gotten the nom instead of Dubya, I would have voted for him because he was moderate…which is why he didn’t get nominated. Then when he ran against Obama, he just became the puppet to the Republican party (who was pandering to the Tea Party) and completely ignored everything he once believed in. That’s just not okay with me. It seems to me that we are dangerously close to taking a giant step back when it comes to Women’s rights. Romney won’t even say he would have signed the Lily Ledbetter act! I mean, seriously? He won’t overturn it, sure. But had he been president, it looks like he wouldn’t have signed it. Women seem to be a lesser entity…only good for making breakfast and making babies.

The idea of ‘smaller’ government that the party discusses is laughable! I mean, if they want less government, then why won’t they get out of my body? If they want less government, then why are they blaming Obama’s adminstration for not doing enough for the country. You can’t say you want less government then blame the government for not doing enough.

I am in favor of the DREAM act…which allows children brought illegally into the US to be exempted from deportation and granted work permits and to seek higher education. This can only help America. They can join our military and fight for our country and I think this is a humane and just thing to do for these kids who were brought here for a better life by parents who risked everything to give their kids something they couldn’t give them legally. Romney just wants to deport everyone. He opposes allowing them amnesty for college but hey, he’d let them fight and die for our country. He has no compassion.

Romney was all for stricter gun laws in 2004 when he signed a ban on assult weapons in Massachusettes. Funny how he’s changed his mind on that. Assault weapons should be regulated. I am for the right to bear arms…100%, but something has to be done about assault weapons.

Obama wants to change the requirements left over from that POS No Child Left Behind… It is a joke and has done nothing but hurt our educational system. Guess who supports it? Romney. He thinks teaching to test is awesome!

Obama is for civil rights for all humans. Health care, marriage rights, and benefits to same-sex couples. Romney isn’t…of course.

I have a real problem with Romney’s tax plan…the one he won’t tell us about. I have an issue with the trickle down theory that the party pushes, especially since that doesn’t work…we’ve seen that in the past and if he’s mirroring Dubya’s plan, that’s what got us where we are now! Also, he’s all about less regulation…well considering how that worked out when Dubya deregulated the banking industry, I’m thinking this is not the best of ideas. Especially since that deregulation cost me my house, my savings, and other things.

Most of all, I believe God should be left out of politics. Our country was formed for the purpose of religious freedom. The separation of Church and State is in place for a reason. All religions should be welcomed and celebrated in our nation, not just the Christian religion…and I can NOT in good conscience vote for any party that does not stand up and fight against the statement that “Rape is the will of God.” Sorry gang. Until they become more like the original republican party, they will never get my vote.

And end political soap box.

And there you have it. I’m always going to vote my social conscience over money. Everyone has their reasons for voting the way they do…and this is mine. No matter how you vote…just get out there and do it!

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