Can you believe January is over? Crazy.

Which means we have 14 days to prepare for the Commercial Day of Love!

Okay, I don’t wanna be such a cynic. I really used to love Valentine’s Day…once upon a time. But when you wake up one day and realize the only good V-Days (and B-Days for that matter) you’ve ever had were because you planned them yourself and finally stopped hoping you’d get a lovely gift that took planning and forethought, then being cynical is understandable. (Pro-Tip for the guys: Kroger flowers are fine on a random Wednesday…but please, if you’re gonna go the flower route for V-Day, take a little care and buy from a florist…Okay? Or pick wildflowers…that’s even better…) (Oh and get her favorite flowers, or something original. Roses are lovely, but if you get them every year, you’re just being lazy.) /end unsolicited advice

These days I approach Valentine’s Day with a different eye. I actually receive a tremendous amount of joy in giving gifts…especially when it’s the “perfect” gift for the person.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so…start planning now to give a great gift and you’ll enjoy it even more.

PS: You can never go wrong with something sparkly. 🙂

2 thoughts on “1/12

  1. Im looking forward to this Valentine's Day only because Laken is finally old enough to think its fun and I am going to plan something special with him. Screw boys and expectations of them doing anything……….my lil man is my Valentine every day!


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