Love Hangover is not allowed…

Yesterday was a fabulous day off! I spent the day driving Sally Sparkles around with her Top Down! Everyone loves to go topless on a sunshiny day!

El Jefe and I drove to the river for a lovely picnic lunch, then he drove her around and was very excited at her awesomeness.

Last night, we had a quiet, candlelit nosh. I made us a fun little cracker and cheese plate, we had our wine & scotch, and a table cloth with all kinds of fun love stickers. Including ROBOTS. Robots make everything better.

In other car related news, I am now officially sporting a vanity plate on Sally Sparkles. 2 of my dreams have come true in 1 week. I need to check my horoscope and see if the planets are aligned or something.

and finally, I leave you with this…because it made me laugh.

and now you know. I’m just trying to be fair. That’s all.

Happy Friday! Peace, love and sparkles all around!

Meet Sally Sparkle

Ain’t she pretty? Happy Balemtime’s Day to me!!

We make a perfect couple.


Hope y’all have a great VD. Be sure and take your cootie shots! Hope you get lots of sugar from your sweetie!


Can you believe January is over? Crazy.

Which means we have 14 days to prepare for the Commercial Day of Love!

Okay, I don’t wanna be such a cynic. I really used to love Valentine’s Day…once upon a time. But when you wake up one day and realize the only good V-Days (and B-Days for that matter) you’ve ever had were because you planned them yourself and finally stopped hoping you’d get a lovely gift that took planning and forethought, then being cynical is understandable. (Pro-Tip for the guys: Kroger flowers are fine on a random Wednesday…but please, if you’re gonna go the flower route for V-Day, take a little care and buy from a florist…Okay? Or pick wildflowers…that’s even better…) (Oh and get her favorite flowers, or something original. Roses are lovely, but if you get them every year, you’re just being lazy.) /end unsolicited advice

These days I approach Valentine’s Day with a different eye. I actually receive a tremendous amount of joy in giving gifts…especially when it’s the “perfect” gift for the person.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so…start planning now to give a great gift and you’ll enjoy it even more.

PS: You can never go wrong with something sparkly. 🙂

The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Yeah, I missed you too, but not enough to pull out my computer and let you know. Sorry about that. It’s been a very hectic 10 days and I’ve been exhausted. I was on some awesome pain meds for a few days that probably would have made for some fantastic blogs, but luckily for me, they also made me too tired to try. So I’ve been spared the humiliation of Drugged Blogging and sadly, you’ve been denied the awesome it could have been. Maybe next time.

I did finally get The Bachelor Episode 6 (last week’s episode) recap up Monday and Episode 7 was posted last night, so if you haven’t already, please go read the crazy.

What’s been going on? Well mostly sleeping. I did get out for a margarita last Thursday which was fun, I went Disco Diva Shopping with Robyn for an exclusive (are you on the list?) Studio 54 event coming up in March, it snowed for about 2 hours on Monday and was really pretty until it turned to rain, Rader took the entrance exam at Catholic High, we went to see Safe House which was action packed and awesome, but sadly Ryan Reynolds wore a shirt, and El Jefe and I enjoyed a lovely steak dinner for Valentine’s day. Look at my pretty roses and orchid:

I’m settling back into a groove, and I hope to get back to more regular blogging…because we have the Month of Mel coming up in just two weeks! Are y’all ready?

where did the week go?

It’s amazing how fast this week has flown by! We got right back into the groove of things with guitar lessons and work, and soccer, and, and, and…yeah. Busy.

My Sweet Baby Mac has been returned to me with a brand new hard drive. She’s beautiful and I love her so much. Now I can write comfortably again!

BTW, did you check out this week’s Bachelor recap?

We also have SouthLAnd recaps and Glee! is back with a  yummy cocktail recipe to go along with a fabulous recap. I don’t watch Glee! but I always read Stoney’s recaps…because she is witty and her cocktails are yummy.
Did I tell you guys that I showed up to work on Monday only to discover campus was closed. yeah. I am a dull bulb sometimes. In my defense, I’ve never worked anywhere that was closed on MLK Day. It was actually a nice surprise to have an unexpected day off…

Apparently there are a lot of people interested in “Love Coupons” as it has been the #1 search term that has been bringing people to my blog. (The 2nd term has been “feet”. The intertubes has a foot fetish.) Anyway, I mentioned “love coupons” in a blog last year, and I’m getting tons of traffic this year to that post. Here’s a link, maybe it’ll help someone out… I believe love coupons are the only coupon allowed on Valentine’s Day…If you use a Groupon, I’m totally gonna make fun of you. Openly.

Have a great weekend y’all!

day of love hangover

Hope everyone properly OD’d on yesterday’s forced day of love.

Actually, I don’t have a problem with Valentine’s Day, but then, I’m not the kind of person who needs a holiday to give a gift or send a card. Or write a little note.

I’m a giver like that. no comments necessary from the peanut gallery. *ahem*, that means YOU.

The problem with being a giver is I get sooooo excited sometimes that I can’t even wait to give the gift. Like last weekend, I found this awesome Hot Wheels Airship and I had planned to just leave it somewhere for El Jefe to find after I left for the weekend…but of course, I pretty much walked in the door and was all “I totally have something awesome for you here let me show you it!” (and I’m sure I said it as all one word…)

Heh. What’s a girl to do?

Anyway, El Jefe and I did our V-Day stuff over the weekend (it’s lovely waking to the scent of roses in the morning…)so yesterday it was all about my friends and my kids. And we had a great time, eating food we shouldn’t be eating and laughing a lot.

Not really sure how that’s any different from any other day, but whatevs. It was the Day of Love and we had a lovefest.

Then we piled into my bed and watched Mike and Molly and Hawaii 5-0 while Kitty G entertained herself by boxing the mirror and playing with a hairband. FOR HOURS. (Have you watched Mike and Molly yet? That show is so funny!)

I hope you were treated to something very special and that the only coupons involved were from a book of love…

pucker up!

Do you know how hard it is to send a pretty pucker to your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Very hard.

My puckers were not the prettiest of lips today. I tried…OH how I tried to get the right pucker. But…It just wasn’t happening.

I really wanted to send the perfect pucker:

But it was blurry and the lighting was weird. Would El Jefe care about all that? No. But I did.

So I tried again…different lights; different angles; different distances from the lips…

THOSE pics will not be seen by anyone. Mostly I just looked like I had been punched in the face. Not very romantic…

So I went a different route. I sent him a note, S.W.A.K (you remember sealed with a kiss if you were around anywhere near the 80s…) And I texted him a Valentine’s Day smile… which is much better than a punched-in-the-face pucker any day.

We went to Oaklawn with some friends on Saturday. It was the perfect day to introduce El Jefe to the art of throwing your money away on the pretty ponies. He actually won some, so it wasn’t a total bust. 🙂 We had a great time, and the weather was awesome. OMG soooo awesome.

I almost wore my new sexy shoes to work today, but it isn’t quite close enough to spring to be wearing them yet. Even if the weather was pretending to be open-toed shoe weather…the reality is, it’s still February and I do have some sense… (for the record, they look fantastic with my brown pencil skirt…)

Happy love day everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day or whatever

funny pictures of cats with captions

This year, we’re ‘celebrating’ the day of love at Oaklawn. (Which, of course, makes Mel a happy girl) We’re doing this as a family, which is nice. I had to do a little bit of arm twisting to get Fishdog to reschedule soccer so that we could all go, but I guess my two weeks of, “That’s fine, y’all play soccer, I’ll be at the races. BY MYSELF. ALL ALONE. ON THE COMMERCIAL DAY OF LOVE.” finally worked. (sometimes the only offense is a good passive-aggressive defense. I’m not proud…)

We’re going with several other families that we enjoy hanging with. I’m really looking forward to it. I love the horse races, and I’m really can’t wait to spend the day with the boys. We just don’t do enough as a family. And now that soccer season is back in full swing, we’ll be doing a lot of dividing and conquering over the next few months. So this is our last chance.

If you celebrate V-Day, I hope you enjoy. If you don’t, then have a great Saturday.

Either way, enjoy this laugh out loud Mad TV V-Day skit. (if you’re viewing this from my Facebook notes page, you’ll have to click through to my website to actually view the video)

open hearts? or T-n-A?

Okay, am I the only one?

Kay Jewelers and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Jane Seymore have teamed up with this new “Open Hearts” jewelry.

Seriously. Am I the only person who sees this design and thinks, “Tits and Ass.”

Do you see it? Or is it just me? That is totally Tits and Ass. I don’t care who you are. I know you see it.

If I’m being honest, I have to admit that I kinda want that to be my ass. I mean, look how perfect and round it is. Dammit. It’s the ass of my #1 enemy at the gym, Barbie Hair Girl. I now hate that ass. Stupid Dr. Quinn and her perfect ass necklace. Not nice. Not fair. And why the hell would I want to wear Barbie Hair Girl’s ass around my neck? I wouldn’t.

I like the idea behind the design, but really? I just don’t see open hearts. I see Tits and Ass. And trust me when I say, I have plenty of both, I don’t need a necklace to prove it.

Dear stoopidMen,
Do not buy this for your wife/girlfriend/lover/mistress/friend that is girl.

It will just remind her of her big tits and ass…or her lack thereof.

Get her something much more personal. Like a card that says what you can’t, or make her a CD of y’all’s favorite songs, or cook her dinner, or clean her house, or just take the kids out for a night so she can read/sleep/play tiddly-winks go to bed early. But don’t get her the T-n-A necklace. It’s just not right.

I’m over at Fictionistas today, expanding on my gift theory. Head over if you want to hear more.