2013: Month of Mel Day 5

And then, she rested.

Well technically, I rested on Day 4. (Which would have been my MeMa’s 113th birthday if she were still alive. And that would have been awesome. I celebrated by watching Y&R (her favorite) and napping. (her other favorite.)

Yes. I napped yesterday. (can you call 5 hours a nap?) I’ve spent the last 4 months working 7 days a week. I used to do this when I was younger…however…this old body just doesn’t bounce back like it used to. Now, I’m not so old that I’m wearing floral gowns, carrying around a pocket full of Werther’s Originals and getting my hair set every Saturday morning at 9:00, but I am old enough that my body doesn’t like to go without proper rest. So when I’m tired, I sleep.

And sleep I did.

Today, I’m sparkling so bright…that you gotta wear shades!

These’ll do the trick…

The one thing I didn’t do this past weekend that I said I was going to do? The 1/2 Marathon. Yes. I absolutely traded my bib for a bottle of wine when I realized it was gonna be 20-something degrees that morning. I’m sorry. The only activities I do in Sub-Freezing weather requires blankets and a bed. Maybe a fireplace…

I’m ready for this weather. Go away Jack Frost. We don’t want you comin’ round here no more.

We finally saw Pitch Perfect this weekend. I am NOT a fan of most musicals, (and I think Glee is the worst show on earth) but I LOVED this movie with all my heart. It was so damn funny. We all enjoyed it…even El Jefe found himself laughing against his will. We watched it twice, it was so good. (And I’m pretty sure I would have watched it a 3rd time if we hadn’t gone to Robyn’s house for dinner Saturday night…)

What’s on your agenda this week? Are you sparkling as I commanded? Don’t forget, this is my month and you are required to do my bidding. So turn your sparkle up to 11 and leave a trail of glitter wherever you go!

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