2013: The Month of Mel days 9-11

This weekend in SPARKLE:

Saturday, I had a very special playdate with my Best (male) Friend from High School. He moved back to Arkansas before the holidays, and we’ve had dinner a couple of times, but we haven’t been able to have good, quality time yet.

We went to Dizzy’s for lunch and had some fantastically large portions of food. We drove with the top down and took Sally Sparkle to Wye Mountain where I posed for my Easter Card. (Just kidding. I posed, but I don’t send out Easter cards. I’m not your grandmother.) The sky was beautiful, the temp was warm…and we cruised like it was our job!

We had so much fun, that we weren’t ready for it to end…So we called ALL-CAPS Kristal and she joined us on the porch at SO for a couple of beverages. Then we continued the day well into the night, by hanging out at Dale and Terry’s Bachelor pad. El Jefe joined us and I cooked a magnificent pasta and we just chatted and laughed until it was time to go home.

Sunday, I napped. That’s how you beat Daylight Savings Time, you see…You nap.

We have officially entered the WEEK OF MEL (subcategory to the MONTH OF MEL) We have initiated mandatory sparkle. If you have a bad week…you have nobody to blame, but yourself. 😉

Sparkle on, my minions!!

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