bippity boppity boo

I have no idea why I chose this title, but there you go. So, here you go:

Robyn and I enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and walked nearly 3 miles. My body protested, of course. But this morning, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (note to self: shave tail) this morning.

12 weeks. We are committing to 12 weeks of eating healthier, and exercising daily. Like I said at FCR yesterday, I’ve done a great job keeping up my positive attitude and working on my sense of self. Now I just have to stop fueling my body with crap and start filling my well with exercise. After we complete the first 12, we’ll do it again until this is habit.

So, bippity boppity boo! It’s like magic. Only it takes dedication. I would very much like for my fairy godmother to help me out, though.

1 thought on “bippity boppity boo

  1. I wanna go. Waaaaa! Yall get off too damned early!! I guess I will see you tonight? Shoot me a message with the plan sista! AND there are SURE some folks that I would enjoy Bipity Bopity Boo-ing their balls……IJS ❤


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