A body at rest

Stays at rest. And boy, was my body resting this weekend!

tumblr_mi0hz0p3Zj1rudoxbo1_500I needed the downtime. And so yesterday, I made sure I downed all the time I could! And the Krakens roamed free! Yesterday was designated bra-free Monday! Everyone got the day off!

Did you guys have a wonderful holiday weekend? The boys and I had a fantastic Saturday. We did a little shopping, ate at Big Orange (where Ian works) and just hung out. Rader’s wrestling team held a car wash Saturday morning, so they “washed” my car for me.

971610_10152187736232907_1948760154_nSally Sparkle did shine a little brighter when they were done…but she could use another washing…

Sunday, the ladies came over and I grilled ALL. THE. MEAT. It was hot, but not so bad in the shade where we wined and dined. On MEAT.

And then yesterday, I slept all the sleeps. (After watching lots of WEEDS. Netflix has all the episodes so I can start over and watch from beginning to end. I didn’t realize the creator of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK was also the creator of WEEDS. Both are pretty awesome.)

Today we’re back to the grindstone, and this body will be in motion again. No more lounging around being glamorous.


Happy Tuesday, Bitches! I like the way you move it; move it!

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