lord love a duck

Does anyone have any idea where that phrase came from? I don’t. And I say it all the time.


run duck. jpgIt was especially perplexing this morning when I was on my 4th of 7, 3 minute runs and I kept repeating it.

Lord love a duck, it’s only 3 minutes, you can do this.  

Lord love a duck, when did my calves become so angry?

Lord love a duck, are you sure that was only 3 minutes? Felt like 30…

Maybe I was saying it because I “run” like a duck. I’ve long since said my “run” is actually a a woggle (walk/jog/waddle combo).

Now that I’ve got week 1, day 1 of training behind me, I’m in shape, right? Surely I’ve lost like 30 lbs or so since this morning. I know that’s how that works…I read it on the internet.

Lord love a duck, is it nap time yet?

Happy Monday, bitches! Make it a sparkly one!

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