Introducing Aristotle


I’m a Mac girl at heart. I always have been. After my Sweet Baby Mac gave up on me a couple of years ago, I bought a little ASUS that works fine, but it’s really tiny and I just never loved it. Not as a laptop. It’s currently sitting on my desk at home, plugged into a monitor, and I use a full-size wireless keyboard to work on it. So it’s not even a laptop anymore. It’s a desktop.

I really wanted to move back to a Mac but damn they’re pricey and I just can’t justify spending that kind of money on a new computer. But last week, The Manpanion came to the rescue (as he often does). He found me a great used computer online. I contacted the seller (who I ended up knowing through my ex-husband, so that made purchasing a used computer much easier) and he made me a great deal on my new-to-me MacBook Air. One that I could afford without worrying about grocery money for the week. Also, the Manpanion paid for it because…well, he’s awesome. So yay me!

Welcome to the family, Aristotle. You feel like home.

I’ve been working on my new series idea. I’m almost finished outlining book one. Book two is actually 1/3 of the way written, which is fan-fucking-tastic, and book three…is currently an idea in formation–but I need to write book one before I’ll have a firm idea for book three..

I am so happy to have stories in my head again. I have missed hearing my characters. It’s been lonely without them.


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