guess i should talk about the oscars

I don’t really like award shows while they’re going on…but I do like the dresses and finding out who the winners are.

And sometimes I like the speeches–but most times, I don’t.

I didn’t watch the Oscars last night all the way through. Frankly, I wanted JUNO to sweep the awards, it should have. Not that the other movies weren’t great, I’m sure they were. But JUNO was just so special and it touched so many people. Even my boys (ages 10 and 14) loved this movie. And that’s saying alot, since there wasn’t one gun or car chase in the movie. For that reason alone, it deserved to win. BIG.

I was thrilled for Diablo Cody. Seriously. You rock the house. What a great script. I wanna be you when I grow up. Anyone who can write a movie that can reach across the generations like JUNO has, deserved those awesome million dollar shoes–and that pretty gold trophy. Rock on sista-girl.

I did get to see Daniel Day Lewis’s speech, and can I just say, I have a major crush on Mr. Humble Pie? I mean, how sexy is he? I’ve always liked him (Last of the Mohicans, anyone?) but his speech last night just really put me over the edge for him. Yum.

I didn’t see any truly unfortunate dresses, which was, unfortunate. Most of the women were glamorous and beautiful. And am I the only one who thought Helen Mirren looked like a million-billion-trillion dollars?

So, while most of the world was watching the Oscars, I was flipping back and forth between the Law and Order marathon on USA and the Oscars. I got to see all the pretty people without having to endure all the boring stuff in between. Except for Jon Stewart–he isn’t boring.