math update

i’m literally crying over my son’s 6th grade math.

i don’t get it.

Lisa and her uber-smart hubby Josh explained this problem to me and I still don’t get it. (thanks guys for trying. I really appreciate it.)

My husband would get it, but he’s playing soccer. So, I’m reading the problem over and over and I’m just as lost now (maybe even more so) than I was before.

I honestly think it’s a mental thing. I always hated math as a kid. I did fine until Algebra, then I started screwing the pooch. So, now I think I have this total mental breakdown when it comes to any math.

The only problem now is, I can’t help my son. How can I expect him to pass this class if I can’t?

2 thoughts on “math update

  1. I dunno. My DD went all the way through calculus in HS and I never went beyond Algebra 2. The DS is now further along in math than I ever was. I liked math, but I didn’t like it enough to go further if I didn’t have to. Kids have their own road. You just need to find him the right guide. 😉


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