I promised Nadia I’d go work out tonight. And I’m going.



I’m cranky this afternoon. I was perfectly happy earlier, but now, I’m just one big cesspool of crank. Hmph. Maybe it’s because I work in an environment that is full of total mind-melded idiots. Maybe it’s because I haven’t written anything in 6 days and really need to. Maybe it’s because I’m really upset over my son’s grades and his apparent desire to repeat 6th grade. (though he adamently denies he wants to repeat the grade, you wouldn’t know it by looking at his scores) Grrrrrrr. I’m looking into tutors as we speak.

Maybe it’s because sometimes, I just feel like swimming in a cesspool of crankiness. I wish Smart Bitches would post another man-titty post. Those make me laugh. Hmm. That’s kinda freeing. MAN-TITTY. MAN-TITTY. MAN-TITTY. heh. I just made myself laugh. I almost feel better.

On a good note, LOST is on tonight! Whoohoo! Sawyer and Sayid…here I come. Maybe they’ll make me feel better. I just hope Jack’s whine fest is over because obviously, I’m not in the mood for it.

2 thoughts on “dilemmas

  1. You are not swimming alone today, Mel. I’m back-stroking beside you through the cess pool of crank. (Didn’t think I should use ‘breast stroke’… hehehe)

    And, you can’t have Sawyer and Sayid all to yourself. You gotta share!


  2. I’ve been TOTALLY cranky today too. In fact, I was so out of sorts at lunch I couldn’t eat. I just walked around the blocks near work. :sigh: Hope your exercise brought you a good endorphin rush. I’m still waiting for mine…


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