Enough of the drama

Okay, I’m forcing myself to move on from the image of my son becoming a pavement pancake, so I thought I’d talk about something I love.

Something that will probably have some folks wanting to skewer me for blasphemy.

But it’s my blog, so Humph.

I love the commercializaiton of Christmas. I touched on this a bit in one of my comments on Michele’s blog, but I thought I’d give this a little more air time on my blog.

Sometimes I wish I was more like my friend Gina who is trying to get people back to the spirit of giving by blogging about different charities and encouraging folks to remember what the holiday is truly about.

But you know what? The holiday isn’t just about giving to me. I give year ’round. It isn’t about religion to me.ย  Sure Christmas is the cherry on top for christian religions, but what about the other religions who don’t celebrate Christ? They are still inundated with Christmas…so why shouldn’t they enjoy the time, too?

Growing up, Christmas was about the lights, the sounds, the colors, the music, the candy, cookies, food, gifts and being with family. And when you celebrate Christmas as a secular/commericalized holiday, then EVERYONE can be a part of it. I LOVE THAT. Part of my love for the glitz and glam of today’s Christmas probably stems from having grown up in Little Rock where part of our yearly tradition was going by The Osborne Home. (You won’t believe your eyes when you click that link)

Christmas is what you make of it. I have several Jewish friends who celebrate the holiday and make it about family and friends. I have Atheist friends who do the same. And I love it. I love that once a year, almost the entire world is spending time with friends and family… and that wouldn’t be true if it weren’t for the commericialization of Christmas.

Now, do I think the stores should put up Christmas decor next to the Halloween costumes? No. But I do see commercialization as a positive thing. It’s not about how much you spend or how much you go to the mall–it’s about having a fun and sparkly holiday with your families.

So, bring on the fake snow and the 20 foot blow up Santas. Show me the rainbow lights on the houses and the Santa Stops Here signs. Commercialize me, baby!

5 thoughts on “Enough of the drama

  1. Wow, those blow up Santas, etc…are really popular this year, aren’t they? I’ve seen a LOT of them around. I’m starting to get in the spirit. We still need a tree, but I got my cards and bought a ton of cookie-making and other stuff for my son’s 3rd grade party. The music, colors, and general feeling out there is infectious. Have fun with it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Ok, I’ll commercialize you. go and buy this CUTE little thing I just heard about…Santa sitting in a rocking chair, reading the Night Before Christmas, the whole length, and then he does his Ho Ho Ho at the end…very realistic. OR..I’ll admit to getting this myself today..lights for the tree that blink in time to the 25 Christmas songs it’s programmed to play. First time I’d seen that and I snapped it up. They say a sucker is born every minute…I guess I was as soon as I walked into CVS and saw those lights.*sigh*, I’m commercialized afterall.


  3. Mel, isn’t Jennings Osborne’s places awesome? He bought a spread not too far from my house, then gave it to his daughter as a wedding gift. I was a little disappointed she didn’t decorate like he did! LOLI’m not a grinch. I’m not commercialized. I’m not a fanatic either way. SIGH. Guess that makes me, gasp, just ordinary! Sheesh, don’t tell my kids…they think I’m the wierdest person they know!


  4. I love Christmas and I love the commercialism of it as well…I love buying presents, etc….of course I usually end up buying myself a lot of presents but honestly I think it’s a big scam. I mean this is the time when all the really cute stuff is put out(like boots) and everything’s on sale (except at My Favorite Shoes) and so it’s too much of a temptation for me NOT to buy presents for myself. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyway, Mel I have finally updated my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚


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