American Title II; ROUND TWO!

I’d like to congratulate all the finalists who made it to Round Two of the American Title II contest!

RWA Online has 4 members who all made it to the next round! (My CP, Maria, is one of them! And of course she is, she has written a brilliant and engaging novel with a hero so sexy, I had a dream about him once…)

Gina Black
Maria Geraci
Debra Parmley
Michele Young

The next round of voting is based on the Heroine and Hero descriptions. So, check it out and go vote! American Title II–Round 2 contestants!

4 thoughts on “American Title II; ROUND TWO!

  1. Hmm… can I hear more that dream?

    It’s awesome that all us RWA Onliners made it this round. Thanks for reminding people to vote again, Mel!


  2. woohoo.

    I can’t divulge my dream to the world! It’s so very—private. 🙂

    But I can tell you that it was yummy…and it involved a carriage ride. 😀


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