Evidence of my fun

Yes, I’m finally back and I have pictures to share!Rader and Ian–Too Cool for School.

We went to a Birds of Prey show where we met various hunters of the sky! They flew in an out of the crowd, sometimes brushing our shoulders, heads, or faces with their feathers. It was amazing!

This is Kaia. She’s a red-winged hawk

This is Juniper. She’s a Great Horned Owl who never learned to hoot. She sqwaks like a Jay. She was found as a baby by a woman who tried to raise her. Juniper cannot be released into the wild because she doesn’t know she’s an owl. She has never hunted and doesn’t realize she’s supposed to be nocturnal. 

And this is Woodward. He’s beautiful. His wing span is 6 feet wide. His beak is deformed and they believe it happened because of somehting in the environment. Woodward can’t eat what he catches because of the deformity. He has to have his food cut up for him.
Isn’t he amazing?

Can you believe this butterfly–>

We went to the butterfly conservatory at the resort. It was truly amazing watching butterflies emerge from cocoons and having all these beautiful different species flying around and landing on our heads, pants, arms, etc.

This is an old pioneer cabin. It made me very grateful for my home. I shouldn’t ever complain about not having enough room again. (Notice I said “shouldn’t”) LOL

This is a view of the lake from the bridge near the Exhibit Center. I can’t wait to go back during the summer to see everything in COLOR!

7 thoughts on “Evidence of my fun

  1. it’s about time you blogged. i swear i’ve been looking at that tiara pic for ages.

    props on those knuckleheads. you dress them funny, tho.

    must be a barefoot, trailer-park, housecoat-in-the-grocery-store, southern thang.


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