The book I wish I wrote

Okay, so for my birthday, my husband took me to see Matthew McConaughey. The man brings me to my knees. (yes, my husband does too, but right now, we’re talking about Matthew McConaughey.) Saying his name gives me a mouth-gasm. (Say it with me, Matthew McConaughey. Did you feel it? The tingle and shudder? Oh yeah. you felt it.) I mean, look at the man!
and let’s not forget his accent. Holy cow. The man could read straight from a contract law textbook and it would sound like poetry.

Anyway, I digress. This post isn’t about the lust in my heart and loins for Matthew McC. It’s about the book I wish I’d written.

Failure to Launch. Have you seen it yet? (Oh goody, an excuse to post another picture of my little Lust-Muffin)

This movie was exactly what it was supposed to be. Watching it was like reading a great romantic comedy. It had some fantastic secondary characters with brilliant dialogue and humor out the ass. All kinds of humor that could appeal to a wide audience.

This movie will never win an Oscar…nor should it. It’s a good story, well acted, well, written, and it couldn’t have been any better if it had tried. It’s perfect for the genre of Romantic Comedy. It’s what a good date movie should be.

Plus, it has Matthew McConaughey. (Did you feel the tingle that time?)

This movie is what I aspire to write when I tell my stories. It’s a different take on the same story. Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy and girl reunite. In between is some sex and laughter. But here’s the thing…when watching this movie or reading this type of book, you don’t see the “same story”. If it’s done right, it pulls you in so deep you may as well be a character. You’re a voyeur in their world.

I hope I can do that one day. I hope one day, you guys will be a voyeur to my stories. And then blog about how great a story teller I am. 🙂

And I hope I can do all this before Matthew McC. is too old to play one of my heroes on screen. Sigh.

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