Monday, Monday

I’m sleepy.

It’s rainy here and we’re supposed to have thunderstorms later today.

A cute guy in a celery green shirt just walked by my office. I don’t know who he is but I should find out.

We have lots of outta-towners in the office today. It’s loud. I don’t feel like dealing with loud.

See, the stupid architect who designed our building was, well, STOOPID.

Our “offices” are glass cubes, basically. My office has 3 solid walls and one solid GLASS wall. It has no ceiling. I don’t even know why I bother locking my door at night because all you need to do is get a ladder and hoist yourself over the wall.

Having no ceiling with a solid glass wall is like being in a fishbowl. Or maybe I’m a zoo animal. The guys in the loft can toss things into my office. (and they have) I hear everything…and it’s loud because it’s like the noise gets trapped in my little cage. So when all these outta-towners are here and all on their conference calls, it’s like they have the speaker phone in my lap.

And it’s all because of the STOOPID architect. The design may look cool, but it’s about as functional as a dead toenail.

Writing Stuff
I worked on a collage for my book this weekend. I had never done that before but Barbara Samuel talked about it on one of my loops and it made sense to me, so I gave it a go. And then I went and looked at one of Jenny Crusie’s collages, and I felt quite inadequate. She’s like a collage -savant. I’m more of a collage-doofus. But it was very relaxing. Or maybe that was the bourbon. Who knows?

I’ll post pics later and talk about what I did.

K. That’s my monday-monday post. I’m going to do a little blog hopping and maybe find a hot picture of Matthew McC. to brighten my day.

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