and then he was sorry…

My 8 year old had a really, really, really bad day at school a couple of weeks ago.

It was so bad, he came home and told me about it. He told me everything–except for the part where he was extremely rude to the assistant teacher. He absolutely refused to do anything she told him and apparently had a couple of ugly things to say to her in the process.

All this happened on a Friday. On Monday, I get a note filling in the missing pieces of the story. We do the “do you know what you did wrong?” talk and he tells me he’d just had a really bad day and took it out on Mrs. G.

I said, “Well, you should draw her a picture and tell her you’re sorry.”

So he did. I didn’t see the finished picture, but I saw him writing the note to Mrs. G. He told me that afternoon that Mrs. G. really liked his picture and that was that.

Until this morning when I ran into Mrs. G…

Mrs. G: Did you see the picture he drew me?

Me: No. Should I have?

Mrs. G: Laughing Oh Lord, yes.

Me: Worried now. Um. Why?

Mrs. G: Well, (snicker, snort) he drew me a picture of a donkey.

Me: gasp. this didn’t start off promising.

Mrs. G: At the donkey’s head, he wrote my name and drew an arrow. “This is you.”

Me: grimacing

Mrs. G: And at the rear end he wrote, “And this is what I’ve been.”

Well, that did it. I started laughing and couldn’t stop.

Me: Well, I guess he can recognize ass-like behavior afterall.

Mrs. G. went on to say that it was by far the best note of apology she’s ever received.

I should say so.

13 thoughts on “and then he was sorry…

  1. ah the creativity and honesty of youth…

    imagine if you submitted that picture to your boss…you’d likely be fired for impropriety in the workplace.


  2. well, rhoda, you’re not the first to suggest that.

    I can see it now. A husband and wife have a huge fight. He stomps out of the house, knowing how wrong he is but not being able to swallow his pride and admit it. (as usual)

    He goes to the local Walgreens and starts poking around just to waste time when he sees the perfect card.

    A smiling donkey head is on the front of the card with the caption

    This is you

    The wife opens the card, not really very happy at having been called a mule. Inside is the posterior of the beast and the caption:

    and this is what I’ve been.

    Shoebox, here I come. LOL


  3. You know, Mel, the card idea has merit…I say send it, and give the kid a fifty fifty cut. Then see if he can come up with any more! (I must be channeling my entrepreneurial husband.)


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