3 different posts in one day! It’s a record!

Okay, I have another child related story.

As you all have probably figured out, my children are special. (that’s southern for troublemakers) They are good kids at heart, but they are also boys. And those of you who have boys can feel my pain.

But this post is more about the school system than it is about my kids. Apparently, the youngest got written up on the bus for throwing rocks out of his shoe. This doesn’t surprise me, as the youngest’s life consists of waking, eating, peeing, pooping, farting, throwing things, eating some more and going back to sleep. That is how he spends every 24 hours in every day. So, because he was throwing rocks on the bus, he got suspended.

Fine. I really don’t have a problem with the suspension. When you’re a punk-ass and you get caught, you get the punk-ass punishment. I did tell the Asst. Principal that I hadn’t seen the other write ups (apparently this was #3 or #4) and that I would like to see those copies to verify his suspension.

Youngest rides the bus home yesterday and both he and his brother tell me that the driver said he wasn’t suspended because he had been suspended on his 3rd write up (news to me) and that he wouldn’t get suspsended again until his 5th write up.

Okay. Fine. I tell youngest that if he gets on the bus in the morning and the driver says, “But you’re suspended!” that he should promptly get off the bus and come back inside.

He got to school just fine.

GREAT! I think. He’s not suspended! (I mean, why would the driver let him on the bus if he was really suspended, right?)

Um. Wrong.

I get a call from the ASSt. Principal again. I’m chastised and treated like a 12 year old. “Mrs. Francis. I noted in our call yesterday that I told you that your son was suspended from the bus. Do you not remember that?”

Um. Yeah. I can remember as far back as yesterday.

“Mrs. ASSt. Principal, I do remember that. (I go on to explain what the boys had told me) Plus, if he were suspended, why did she let him on the bus??? I don’t understand.”

“That’s not the point.”

“It’s my point.”

The rest of the conversation is just as hard-headed and irritating. I know what a handful my kid is and I have no issue with him being suspended for his behavior. I do have issue with the incompetence of the school and honestly, am I the only one confused as to how a “suspended” child was allowed on the bus?????

Happy weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “3 different posts in one day! It’s a record!

  1. ARgh@@!!
    I feel for you Mel.
    My guy just discovered Spit balls or as they call it now, Spit Bombs – same difference. He got his first “warning”. I guess I am just getting into the “boy” antics. He was influenced by a boy that is a known troublemaker – like twice a year for 4 years in a row, he gets suspended. Like clock work.
    And now my boy wants to be his buddy? And the first thing they do gets my kid a warning.

    Maybe I should just bring him to and from school.
    Why, as parents, must we lose control?
    Especially since the school doesn’t exercise it worth a darn.


  2. I feel for ya, Mel. I’m curious. What did the ASSt. Principal have to say about the fact that the driver said he wasn’t suspended?


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