I thought questions were going to be answered last night!!!!

Well, maybe one or two were, but in reality, more questions developed after last night’s show than were answered. And now we have to wait.

My heart raced most of the time last night. I loved the finale, even though I do feel like I was misled with the promo of aswering all the questions. Maybe I’m dense (some have thought that of me, shocking, I know) but I missed the epiphany.

So, have the Others recruited Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to join their army? When Walt and Michael are “rescued” does that mean they die?

Are Mr. Eko, John, and Desmond (sigh–another sexy islander) still alive?

I have to say though, last night’s finale left me wondering if my first theory about the island was right…that the Bermuda Triangle is a science experiment gone bad.

What are your thoughts?

I’ll be quiet while I’m at the lake, so you guys talk amongst yourself…I’ll be back by Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “LOST

  1. Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the finale. I really wanted to see more of the “Others” story. The whole button thing bugs me. But at least they did tie it in some and I think the ending was enough to keep me waiting to see what they come up with next season.


  2. I’m with Maria in the disappointment arena. I didn’t see a big finale, I just saw another fun show that ran longer than the usual fare.

    And I do think Desmond is alive. I’m not going to be craving the show over the summer, but I will watch the season opener. *grin*


  3. I was so confused at the end. I was waiting and waiting for that big bang but it fell short of it. I did like the episode, but it lacked something that I can’t put my finger on.


  4. Hiya, Mel. Can’t believe Deidre hasn’t posted anything about this yet, being the Lost-head that she is. I, on the other hand, am merely a Lost spouse. Still, I’m wondering what the heck is the deal with that statue–as Sayid said, I don’t know what is more frightening: the fact that all but one foot or missing, or the fact that that foot has four toes.


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