When the sex is bad. Well, not bad…just not right.

I tried to write this weekend, but I couldn’t.

It was strange…last weekend, I wrote a pretty damn good scene. It was the first sex scene for my current WIP and it was hot. I wrote the first part of the encounter in the hero’s POV and was planning to write the second half of the encounter in the heroine’s POV. I had planned to write it during the week and post it for my CPs, TBO&TS and Maria, by Friday.

But all week long I kept procrastinating.

Every time I thought about the scene, I’d sweat a little…(well, it is a hot scene. It’s sex, on a balcony, with a sexy british thief…what’s not hot about that?) but I couldn’t continue writing it. Now, this is unlike me because I usually love the sex scenes. (Duh) And it’s not like me because normally, when I spend a week contemplating the scene, (whether it’s sexy or not) I have no trouble writing it.

Since continuing the scene was proving to be difficult, I decided to write it over the weekend.

Hmmm. That didn’t work out so well either.

Something was wrong. Didn’t have a clue what it was, it was just something.

Well, Sister Super-Plotter came to my rescue today. Since Maria had been in Mexico for the past week, we hadn’t had a chance to talk about the scene and why I was struggling with it. Thank God she’s back. I called her today and we just talked it out and I realized that this scene belongs in the book, just not at this point in the book.

No wonder I couldn’t write any more of it!

I really have to hear myself talk about the scene. I’m an auditory person, for the most part. And so when I’m stuck, I have to have a sounding board. Sometimes, Instant Messaging works, but usually, I have to hear the discussion. My brain just works better that way.

The moment I told Maria about the issue, she asked me one question and there was my moment of clarity.

Right scene…wrong page.


So, I’m about to start the real scene tonight. I’ll let you guys know if it works out for me or not.

All you creative types out there–what do you do when you’re stuck? What process works for you?

7 thoughts on “When the sex is bad. Well, not bad…just not right.

  1. i was really depressed when i read the headline to this post.

    i think you did that on purpose.

    ya know, all you had to do was ask if i was interested in helping you with some research.

    we coulda worked on that all weekend.


  2. I think the title of the post was terrific. Of course, if my wife wrote that in her blog, I might not be so happy.

    I’m not so much the creative type, but if I get into a rut, I try to complete change my pace. I’ll go out for a long bike ride, or do something different at the gym, or instead of surfing the net, I’ll watch some DVD or read or listen to a podcast.

    Then again, that doesn’t necessarily always work either.


  3. Hey thanks for popping in, Shannon. I haven’t seen you in a while.

    As you can see, my dear fishdog was a little worried when he read the title. But honestly, who can resist a “bad sex” title?


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