Is it just me, or does Nicole Richie look like a bobble-head here?

Listen, I get the weight loss thing. I do. I chase after that dream every day. But come on. This girl needs to eat a sandwich. With mayo. And bacon. Battered and fried. Then top it off with a couple of funnel cakes and maybe a double-whopper.

Her neck is going to break under all the stress of carrying such a big ass head.

If the camera adds 20 pounds, how does she not fall down a grate, or blow away?

6 thoughts on “hmmmm

  1. Hollywood is full of bobble-heads. Don’t know why they think it’s attractive. Give me Catherine Zeta-Jones anyday (if I were a man, of course, and dh loves her too). 🙂


  2. Good thing she’s wearing white. A black dress would have made her look like she just wasn’t there. I’d say she’s either got an eating disorder or she’s just naturally anorexic looking. I want to be thin, but not THAT thin.


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