it’s the little things

So, most of you know I’ve been on the great weight-loss and fitness adventure since January. It’s become a part of my life, and though I miss eating vats of cheesedip and drinking massive amounts of high calorie beer, I do feel better.

I took the last four weeks off from exercise (except for gardening) and even though I didn’t eat that much, I didn’t stop myself from eating something if I wanted it…

I managed to still lose weight, so I guess that’s good.

I started walking again Sunday and will make it back to the gym this week as well. I think I sleep better when I exercise, so that’s incentive enough right there.

Anyway, I tell you all this as lead up to what this blog is really about: I can wear my 2nd wedding band again.

I have 2 sapphire and diamond bands that hug my engagement ring. 1 was my wedding band and the other was an anniversary gift. Well, the 2nd one is a half size smaller than the original wedding band–the orginal was actually a little too big. (yeah, back then. LOL) Unfortunately, after I had the #2 child, I continued to gain weight and I had to stop wearing the 2nd band.

I haven’t worn it in 5 years.

So, it felt great putting it on this morning. I don’t know if wearing a size smaller jeans would’ve felt as good as slipping that ring on my finger did…

Okay, yeah, smaller jeans would feel pretty damn good. Watch out Nicole Richie…before you know it, I’ll be another member of the bobble-head family. *snort*

12 thoughts on “it’s the little things

  1. I managed to shove my ring on 30 lbs ago every single day. The # in lbs didn’t matter to me. It was the day I got into a size 6 and yes went apeshit crazy buying one of everything in the store. AND I weigh more today than the day I got married, and still wear a size 6. Keep up the good work!!!!


  2. Oh thank God I’m not the only one that duplicates things when I’m excited. The ring thing is great, I’m very happy for you!!!!


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