When do they start to like each other again?

Who? you ask.

My kids, that’s who.

When did they go from this:

To this:

Will they ever like each other again????? Somebody, give me some hope, please. If there is no hope, then we must discuss medication…quickly. And I don’t care if I’m the one getting medicated or if they are… okay, yes I do. I want the medication.

6 thoughts on “when?

  1. Well, I’m in the same boat your are kiddo. The oldest “hates” the youngest and the competition there is FIERCE. However, I believe as they get older, they’ll eventually come to realize that they have a lot more in common than they thought. Or at least that’s my hope, and I keep reinforcing that daily. Everytime the fight, I point out where one is not doing the sisterly thing. I follow it up with a “your Dad and I won’t be around one day, and you’re going to want someone to connect with to remember your childhood. Enjoy it, it goes to fast.”Now like all kids, they go “yeah right,” but recently I sent them this beautiful email with a message about parents when they get old and how the kids wind up being caretakers. I had NO IDEA it was going to affect them so deeply. So I guess I am getting through, even though it doesn’t seem that way.I have a feeling you’re getting through as well. You’re just not seeing it. So keep plugging away like pluggers do. It WILL work out.See you soon!


  2. oh, it’ll be fine when one of them moves out of state ha ha… 🙂 Robyn once hit me over the head with the telephone during one of our fights, and I had to get stitches (in her defense, I had thrown something heavy at her). Now we actually voluntarily go on vacations together and email or talk just about every day.


  3. you know, me and the uncles used to fight like dogs, with poppy braying “you guys are brothers- can’t you just love each other?.” he was an only child, so he didn’t know shit on this. we grew out of it eventually and are pretty close now – emotionally close, not hitting-me-with-a-stretch-armstrong close. i just keep reminding myself of that…let’s start using monica’s “when we’re older” guilt trip and see where it takes us.love ya, honey! now where’s my chon-chon?


  4. My brothers couldn’t stand each other growing up. They fought constantly, competed incessantly… but when they got to college, they became the best of friends. So there’s hope. Just hang in there.


  5. Like fishdog said, we didn’t need each other to be much more than punching bags (both physical and verbal) growing up…but the physical will stop when Ra-man beats the sh** outta his older brother…or bites him in the stomach one. (reality really bites).In the end, they will find out that each is actually pretty cool…or at least ok to hang with or take advantage of.So get your own medication and practice the poppy sayings which fishdog can help with!kumbya


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