this is why i love soccer…

Italian footballers: Manuele Blasi, Gennaro Gattuso, Andrea Pirlo, Gianluca Zambrotta, Fabio Cannavaro.

I’m not sure what Dolce and Gabana is selling here (underwear, I hope) but let me tell ya, I’m thinking about buying whatever it is. Holy moly. No other sport builds ’em like this. Why soccer isn’t the most popular sport in America, I’ll never know.

I mean DAYUM! Talk about having fun on the field. I could watch these guys all day. Especially if they played as is…
Admit it, you’re a soccer fan now. Aren’t you?

I’m hot. Where’s my water…
Here’s one of Fabio Cannavaro all by himself because–well, honestly, isn’t this picture enough of a reason?

4 thoughts on “this is why i love soccer…

  1. My favorite part of soccer is the end of the game when all the players start taking their shirts off.

    During the World Cup, once the game ended The Hubster would try to turn off the TV, but I yelled at him every time until I got to see them take off their shirts.

    But yeah, if they wanted to take their pants off, too, that’d be okay with me (and in fact I think an Italian player did take his pants off after the final).


  2. I saw this ad in GQ mag when I went to read the interview about Frank Lampard. It took ne about 10 minutes to roll my tongue back into my mouth-geez-talk about hot!-they deserved to win the world cup based on this ad alone


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