when love comes to town…

Last night, one of my lads came for a visit. Simon and a new guy, Gary, drove from their camp in Amory, MS and stayed with us. (Gary’s not really new…he just wasn’t at the Oxford camp this year. BUT, he was one of the coaches last year…and I have the pics to prove it) We had a great time. The only thing missing was Grant. (we missed you terribly) Sorry to say, he was still in Daphne, AL probably sucking down a bevvy and hanging with the rest of the gang.

Gary is a great addition to the family.

My boys were thrilled to finally have a chance to pay Simon back for all the wet willies he inflicted on them while staying with us. It didn’t quite work out as they had planned, but it was close.

This is the pain Simon and Grant inflicted nightly on the boys:

This is the pain my children tried to inflict on Simon:


Tomorrow is my flight for Atlanta. I have to leave the house by 6:30 am for the hour drive to Memphis Airport. I still have to pack, but no worries, all will be well. I just wish I had my voice right now.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve lost my voice.

And this happened just before Nationals last year, too. Why does this happen to me?

I felt it coming on starting Wednesday and by last night, I sounded like Kathleen Turner. By the end of the night, I sounded like Minnie Pearl. Now, I don’t sound at all.

Do you know how hard it is to yell at your kids when you have no voice?

Anyway, I don’t care. I’m not sick, just voiceless…which is probably a godsend for my family.

I’ll blog again soon!

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