Hi, I’m Maria and I’m a blog addict

This is the part where everyone shouts enthusiastically, “Hi, Maria!”

By now, you’ve figured out that I’m not Mel. Since she’s “hijacked” my blog a few times, I thought it was finally time to return the *favor*.

Lately, there’s been a lot of blog buzz. They’re the new addiction. There’s even blogs about blogs. Everyone, it seems, has a blog, or participates in a group blog, or spends their coffee break reading blogs. Some of us even have multiple blogs. Technically, I have 4. My own, this one (since I’m a contributer) and two group blogs. Most of us will agree that blogging can be fun. But there are some out there who believe that it’s a big waste of time. That blogging is a “problem”. That it takes away from your writing/or your work. Or worse, that people are so clueless they will believe anything they read in a blog or on the internet.

And then there are those who believe blogging is obsessive. Like drugs or booze, you just won’t know when to quit. But how many people do you know who have lost their jobs because they were too busy blogging? Or gotten a divorce because they were blogging when they should have been paying attention to their spouse? As ridiculous as those examples might seem, they really aren’t. Isn’ t the practical definition of an obsession that it interferes with your “real” life?

As a writer, and as someone who reads a lot of blogs written by other writers, blogging is just one of the ways that I keep abreast of what’s going on in the business. It’s a fantastic marketing tool. I learn who’s selling, who’s writing what, what people think of books, agents, publishers, contests, and so on. And then, there’s the fun side to blogging. I love hearing what my friends are up to, what their pets are up to, and yes, sometimes, even how many loads of laundry they’ve done in a day. Hey. If I wasn’t interested, then I wouldn’t be reading it. And as far as advice blogs go, I’m an adult. I have a brain. And I use it. Like any other source of information, you take what you hear, process it, and figure out whether it’s valid or not.

So to those people who just don’t get the blogging craze, I say fine. No one is forcing anyone to have a blog. It’s not me with the problem. You know?

7 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Maria and I’m a blog addict

  1. I can’t believe I’m leaving the first comment on my own blog to my blognapper.You know, I look at blogging as a different part of my daily journaling. In the morning, I fix a cup of coffee and blog instead of reading the paper. It’s such a great way to start my day. As a matter of fact, if I haven’t blogged before work, I feel kinda weird and know that I have to blog soon. It’s therapeutic. Even if it’s stupid shit like counting beer cans on my walks and asking folks to cheer me up.It doesn’t interfere with my daily life because I don’t let it. I write almost every day. (5 days so far this week, not counting today) I plot, talk to my CPs, work 40+ hours a week, mother my children, mother my lads, mother my hubby, and still manage to blog. Life is what you make out of it. If you think blogging is a time waster, then don’t blog.


  2. Maria, Did you forget about your RWAOL blog? ;o)But you have a point. I have several blogs that I check daily (sometimes multiple times because, well, you never know when they might blog :o) ) but I don’t let it interfere in my daily life. I was fine with not having computer (or blog) access for the week I was in Atlanta. And it was a while after I got home before I even bothered to turn my computer on (at which time I ordered a book – but that’s another story).Interesting topic. :o)


  3. So I’ll admit it…I’m a blogoholic. I have four blogs and contribute to two. I’m trying to work it down. Out of the four two are fairly inactive and I should really close them down. It helps to have an RSS reader. It tells me when blogs have been updated so I don’t spend the whole day clicking away to see if Mel or Maria or Diana (who has temporarily disappeared) has put up a new entry. But I don’t know what I’d do without my blogging time in the morning. It goes so well with my first cup of tea.


  4. I haven’t wanted to say anything…but I researched Blog-addiction clinics for you, Maria. That you’ve blognapped Mel is the last straw. Clearly, you’ve lost control.LOL! I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t take care of life’s business simply because they have a blog (or 5) and read and comment to others’ blogs. In a world where everyone’s scattered across the planet, it helps us to stay connected to the rest of humanity, especially our friends. And certainly, I’ve learned a lot about the industry from various blogs–so it’s helped in that way too. BLOG ON! 🙂


  5. Ok, as someone who really resisted the blogosphere strenuously, for a long time, I have to say, I’m coming around. I started my own blog, under protest of course, and now I’m getting into it. When I hated blogs, I never worried that people were too obsessed, or too credulous–it was more that I felt annoyed that so many people, bloggers, seemed to believe I’d be interested in their boring lives. And look, there are a lot of lame blogs out there. But I’ve realized that there are some great ones too, funny, insightful, informative. Blogs are like anything else–there’s a huge ocean of crap, with a couple of little jewels strewn randomly throughout, and it’s your job as a reader to find the good stuff. And as a blogger myself, I know my blog is probably closer to being crap than a diamond, but I kind of don’t care. For me, it’s like keeping a diary, but instead of writing into the private vacuum of my mind, it’s there for friends and others to comment on. And since I’m always more interested in a dialogue than a monologue, it suits me better.


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