monday morning…

I wrote 38 pages last week! 29 of them over the weekend.

Go ahead. Gimme a cookie.

I had planned to get up and walk this morning, but my body didn’t cooperate. That’s okay. I brought a change of clothes and I’m going to the gym at lunch. School starts tomorrow, so I can get back into my routine. I want to lose another 20-25 lbs by Christmas. That would put me at -50 for the year. I could live with that.

There. It’s in writing. For the world to see. Now, make me stick to it.

I had to go get school supplies last night, along with everyone else in freaking town. It amazes me how much notebooks, pencils, folders, and etc. cost these days! If I had more than two kids, I’d have to take out a loan. And that doesn’t even include backpacks and new clothes.

At least I have boys. They pretty much don’t care what they wear to school right now. We’re not bothering with the new clothes thing until it gets cooler.

Parents were like rabid beasts in the school supply aisle and some of the kids were just watching in wide-eyed terror. If I hadn’t been so busy trying to grab the last dark green Trapper Keeper, I’d have thought it was funny. It wasn’t funny until the bitch let go…

BTW–I learned a new trick last night. When a pack of hyenas are all eyeing the same notebook, just sneeze. Apparently, hyenas don’t like to catch colds, so they instinctively back up a step. That’s when you move in for the steal…

6 thoughts on “monday morning…

  1. oh, good trick! I might have use that this week. School starts next Monday for us.
    And I’m so proud of your 29 pages! That’s so awesome!!!


  2. I HATE back-to-school shopping! I will definitely try that sneeze thing, though… *Plots wickedly*

    Kudos on the writing, Hun!!


  3. Hmmm–what kind of cookies do you like? I make a mean chocolate chip. You deserve something great for getting all that writing done, and making me feel like slacker! (I’m still on page 69 of my reread over the ms. I’m a fast reader! Why is this taking so long!)


  4. Chocolate Chip cookies (no nuts) are my favorite.

    Of course, they might counteract the whole diet and exercise part of this post…but I won’t tell if you wont…


  5. Congrats, Mel!

    School supply shopping was done in June for one child and the oldest will bring home his high school lists by the third day of school. Which doesn’t start until the 6th.

    I’ll eat a cookie for you. 😉

    Good luck with the word count and the downward slide of numbers.


  6. Man, I’m impressed–beating back bitches for Trapper Keepers (or sneezing on them–same diff). Cool.

    Congrats on the pages and good luck with the weight (that’s my goal by xmas too).


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