it’s coming to an end

My week with Simon is almost over. It’s been a laid back time, no real late nights like before when he and Grant were here together. Which is good. As much as I wished both lads were here together, part of me is equally happy to get them one at a time. A: I couldn’t keep up with the two of them now that school is back B: It gives me some quality time with them alone. Good lads. Both of them.

15 things I learned from a Brummie:

1. There is no such thing as too much Mountain Dew.
2. SpagBol is short for spaghetti bolognese.
3. Strawberry Jam sandwiches are good any time of the day or night.
4. Snickers bars are no replacement for Mars Bars.
5. Birds are girls
6. Pulling a bird has nothing to do with turkey legs.
7. American women (even proper girls) will do almost anything for an English/Scottish accent. Even a Brummie accent.
8. Chips are fries. Crisps are chips.
9. Wet willies are the best torture device ever.
10. You can’t be a cock without being cocky. But you can be cocky without being a cock.
11. The weapons of mass destruction are located wherever he goes.
12. The best way to pull a bird is to make her laugh. (which I thought was a closely guarded secret by us birds, but he’s figured it out)
13. Y’all is the most terrible word ever. *rolling eyes*
14. Family is everything to him.
15. Even if “Brummie” is the worst accent in the world, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for it.

7 thoughts on “it’s coming to an end

  1. It’s nice that you had the time with him. He sounds like a nice and fun guy.

    Also, I like how the pictures rotate like that (my techno-challenged mind is in awe of just about everything these days).


  2. The rotating slideshow is courtesy of photo bucket. I just picked the pics I wanted in there and it gave me the code.

    I don’t have to do anything technical. LOL

    I am so glad to have had more time with him. We’re making plans for the 4th of July next year, since he’s planning to come back over. Hope it works out.


  3. Ok, don’t laugh, but I just watched She’s the Man (my husband’s out of town, and I get weirdly addicted to teen movies whenever he’s away) and you might like it. It’s billed as an update of Twelfth Night (I think I actually heard Will S. banging on his coffin while I was watching) but it’s really all about soccer. And the soccer stuff is filmed in a very fun, exciting way. So if you need something to take the edge off once Si’s gone…


  4. Hey louisa!

    Yeah, we went to the theater to see She’s the Man. (soccer player sons who have a crush on Amanda Bynes…) It’s a very cute movie. I happen to have a weird litle obssession with Teen Movies myself. But I think Bend it Like Beckham will be more of a fix for missing Si.


  5. Okay, I’m speaking to you again…LOVED Bend It Like Beckham! That was a grea flick. And I love teen movies, too, Louisa, so you definitely aren’t alone!


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