multi-tasking madness

I don’t know how people multi-task their lives. Seriously.

At work, I’m the multi-task queen. But in the real world? Eh. Not so much.

Especially now that soccer is shifting into full gear. Fishdog and both boys play. We are constantly at the fields–and it’s quite exhausting. And if you when you consider the fact that practice is usually from 5:30-7, that makes it even more of a challenge. Homework has to be done. Snacks have to be eaten. Dinner has to be planned. And kids have to be shuttled. Plus, we still try to get them in bed at a decent hour…for our sakes and theirs.

But still, I manage that aspect of my life pretty well. It’s the other stuff that I seem to lose sight of. Like writing. And exercising. And sleeping.

I’ve worked the exercising in at lunch, and even though it’s working out great, it’s not enough. I’m not getting in enough cardio to continue to push the weight loss. So, that means I either have to get up at 5:30 am (which is like asking me to swallow glass) or walk at 8:00 pmwhen it doesn’t feel like a broiler outside. The problem with walking at night is, I’m too damn tired to do it! Most nights I think, Screw it. I’ll have a whisky instead. (yeah, that really doesn’t help the weight loss thing either…)

Then there’s the writing. I do most of my writing on the weekends. But because the past two weekends we’ve had guests (and I wouldn’t have changed that for the world) I didn’t get to write. Now, I could have, I’m sure. But, I was focused on the guests. Cooking, entertaining, enjoying myself. I should’ve taken out an hour and sat down with the laptop and at least tried.

So, why is it that I can multi-task when it comes to the world of motherhood and work, but when it comes to ME, I seem to only find enough focus for one thing at a time? And sometimes, it’s only half-assed focus…

3 thoughts on “multi-tasking madness

  1. You’re being too hard on yourself, Mel! But I know exactly what you mean. I get really overwhelmed when I make goals and don’t achieve them. Instead, think of making little daily goals. Like today, I’ll write for 15 mintues, or whatever.


  2. Don’t beat yourself up about what’s already past. The last two weekends are gone! The great thing about writing and exercise, both, is that it’s never too late. You have not missed your chance. There’s lots more chances! Jump on one and have a blast.


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