in which a lesson was almost learned…

I came home last night to both boys sitting at the dining room table doing their homework. No TV. No fighting. No farting around. (probably, there was farting, just not farting around)

My heart swelled. The planets aligned. The heavens opened up and angels sang.

This morning, Rader was struggling to get out of bed. Since he’s not much of a morning person (like his momma) I decided to help him out so he would make the bus. I picked up his assignment book and homework and placed them in his backpack.

I realized his composition notebook was in the backpack. This was the first assignment he failed to do last week so I thought, just in case, I might want to double check that he didn’t have an assignment.

Guess what?

We’re still here working on his one paragraph assignment…

So, it seems we made some progress in the homework department, just not enough. He did not get a reintroduction to Woody because that would’ve worked against us this morning. He did, however, get reintroduced to The Wrath of Fishdog. Let me tell you, that ain’t pretty.

On a good note, Ian seems to be doing very well this year. I’m very proud of him. He has really matured some, although, he still acts like a 6 year old around his brother. But that’s okay. I discovered with the lads that boys don’t really seem to ever out grow that.

I heard from Simon last night. He’s supposed to send me pics this weekend of he and his mates out on the town. I can’t wait to see him in his element. I miss his cheeky smile.

Simon with my friendAudrey
And just because I really miss him, too, here’s a shout out to Grant:
Audrey, Grant, Me

2 thoughts on “in which a lesson was almost learned…

  1. The only good thing about us is that our teachers post homework and spelling words, etc. on the internet so I don’t even have to ask. The kids thing I’m genious or something, or eyes in the back of my head. It’s pretty funny sometimes.


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