wrappin’ up the week…

God. I am so glad it’s Friday.

The first week of the month is always my busiest. Now, this week was worse because of the holiday. I am tired.

The cats haven’t killed each other yet, but Ginger is having nothing at all to do with the dogs. And the dogs really, really, really want to have something to do with her. The fur may start flying one way or another this weekend.

Rader’s first soccer game was last night. They won 3-2. I would post some of the fantastic pics I took, but, my camera died. So I have to charge it before I download the pictures.

Progress reports came yesterday, and so far, 7th grade is really agreeing with Ian. Many of you will remember his struggles with 5th & 6th grades. So far, nothing lower than an 84 and he has an A in Pre-Algebra! This is huge!

I’ve been instant messaging me brummie lad over the past few days. He misses America some, but is having a good time back home, getting ready for Uni. We still miss him around these parts.

I usually get a call from my Scottish lad on Saturday nights, where he fills me in on his plans for the weekend and how his week went. Last weekend I spoke to Captain and Nizzy as well. They should be getting their brownies today or tomorrow. Which will probably come in handy since I’m betting they aren’t spending a helluva lotta money on food. I remember that age…and food was not my main source of nourishment.

Oh, and I’m officially down 30 lbs.!

7 thoughts on “wrappin’ up the week…

  1. Mel! Down 30 pounds! So proud of you, and inspired as well.

    Also, it’s great that your son’s having a good school year. We’re hoping the same for ours. Maybe maturity really does make the difference.


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