buffalo parts

If you read this blog with anything resembling regularity, you are familiar with my youngest son.

Rader is his biggest fan. He cracks himself up on a daily basis. Rarely can he go five minutes without giggling over something he just thought of.

Sense of humor runs deep in our family.

Many of you will remember my blog from last year where he apologized to his teacher by creating her a masterpiece. He drew a donkey and at the head he put “this is you” and at the rear he wrote “and this is what I’ve been”. Yes, my 8 year old called himself an ass to his teacher, in writing, and got away with it.

Because the child is just funny.

Last night he was working on a project for his Insights class. They are currently studying Native Americans and he is doing a project on food.

He decided to use a Buffalo and label all the parts and then he’ll explain how the entire animal will be used. Nothing went to waste.

So he drew a sketch of the Buffalo and labeled it last night. And I just have to share it with you.

Click on it to get the full effect.

Yes, the buffalo has a goatee and tail fluff. I’m very curious to see his explanation on exactly how those parts didn’t go to waste…and I’m not even gonna touch the fact that I was clueless about the location of the buffalo’s abdomen.

BTW: when he showed me the picture, he was cracking up waiting for me to notice the “go-tee”.

9 thoughts on “buffalo parts

  1. Ah ha ha! Tail fluff! Hmm, maybe he can turn it into some kind of automatic computer screen cleaner. At the very least, my cats would love it. But long live the buffalo and his goatee!


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