Okay, not really. I’m never speechless.

I heart this story.*

I’d like to introduce y’all to the mother of the year…

SCOTTSDALE – A mother faces child endangerment charges after a valet called police to report she left her 2-year-old son alone in her BMW while she shopped at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Gardenia Zakrzewski-Johansson was arrested in the mall parking lot outside Neiman Marcus after valets watched her walk into the store with a small dog under her arm, directing them to watch her car with the child inside.

Hmmm. Where do I begin?

First off, I never realized valet parking also doubled as a babysitter. That’s a bargain. I wish I would’ve known that when my spawn were younger. Now they can stay by themselves without it being considered child abuse (for the most part) but damn, I completely missed out on some major shopping opportunities when they were just wee beasties.

And can we discuss the fact that she left the kid in the car and took the dog into the store? How awesome is that?

Who does this shit?

All I have to say is, thank the gods that woman isn’t from the south. We’re already misunderstood enough as it is…we don’t need help from dipshits like her.

*Many thanks to my friend Lu for providing the link. You rock my world, chica!

9 thoughts on “speechless

  1. LOL, Killer. That just sucks on so many levels — she cared more about the doggie than her own kid. *growl*I just realized I’m a dipshit — made that southern/Paula Deene’s voice reference in the interactive fiction the other day. It’s only because I’m jealous though. I love listening to southerners talk. :)Off to look for a doggie purse.


  2. Gee, I leave my fourteen year old alone in the locked car with various techno gadgets attached to her head, but that’s only because she will no longer be seen in my company. Some mother’s should be taken to the wall and shot. Maybe these are the ones who need to provide proof at the hospital that they aren’t missing the care gene.


  3. Some people are simply stupid, heartless and very selfish. A mother like that needs put away. I mean, come on? The dog favored over the child? How heartless is that? Oh, I could just slap that woman!


  4. Dipshit hints:#1 She used the hyphenated maiden/husbands name. #2. Neiman Marcus#3. Stupid pursedog.Now, any ONE of these is not cause for alarm, but the combined total normally leads to the probability of the person not being completely grounded in reality. It’s tooo uncool to be seen in Neiman Marcus with your two year old. I hope her husband divorces her, if he didn’t already. And she needs therapy, not the retail kind.And you CAN get kiddo backpacks that cost a few c notes. A status marker she was willing to forgo.


  5. no, people from the south aren’t misunderstood, it’s just that so much of this shit happens to southerners that they are the stereotype that they seem to be. maybe this woman’s dog is more high maintenance than her kid? 🙂


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