I admit it…Survivor is a guilty pleasure. (so is daytime television, but that’s another post)

So, last night, I curled up on my sofa with a big-ass bowl of popcorn and a nice glass of Merlot (betcha didn’t know popcorn and Merlot went well together, huh?) and watched the season finale.

I can honestly say, I was floored when Yul won. Not because I didn’t like Yul–I did. But honestly, I think Ozzy outplayed him. The whole purpose is to be the “Sole Survivor” and Yul wouldn’t have gotten to the end without Becky. She worked it behind the scenes and he worked it in camp…but she played an equal part in Yul’s planning. They were a team. And she didn’t get one vote.

In my mind, Ozzy was the clear winner. He saved himself from being voted off in the beginning. He worked his ass off providing food for the tribes and he won EVERY challenge. He was the one who HAD to win to make it to the end…because he was the biggest threat.

And yet, he lost the mil by 1 vote.

I really don’t get it. I truly liked Yul and in the beginning I was rooting for him. But by the end of the season there was no doubt in my mind who should win.

8 thoughts on “survivor

  1. I liked Yul better, but for quite a long time I was upset because no one really stood out as a person to root for.
    I think they should have Rupert on every season. He should replace Jeff Probst.


  2. Rupert was a blast… but I have to say, my favorite season was when Stephenie came back…not because of her but because of Bobby Jon and Dudd (Judd). They were so fun to watch. Dudd was just so damn stupid….


  3. I totally agree with you about Yul. I was shocked it was even close – I thought Ozzie would win it by a landslide. Not only did Yul and Becky win as a team, they wouldn’t even have made it to the end without Ozzie saving their asses in every team challenge. He got robbed – I wish they’d bring him back the way they did Stephanie.


  4. uh, you left me off that curled up list… thanks! apparently all the other viewers felt as you guys. i didn’t give two craps on a cracker who won it.


  5. I’m bummed that I missed the finale, but it was worth it to come to Hawaii. lol

    I’m really surprised that Yul won. Ozzie seems to have earned it in my opinion.


  6. I loved Ozzy. I’m so glad he won the car (I must have voted for him a zillion times!). I totally agree that he should have won. I liked Yul a lot, and he definitely should have been in the final 2, but I agree that Ozzy outplayed him.


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