spring fever

I have it bad.

It’s been sunny and the temp has been in the 60s this week and I’ve been dying to play hooky.

Here is a list of my favorite spring things:

  1. Sleeping with the windows open
  2. Waking to birds chirping
  3. Daffodils
  4. The smell of the first mow of the season
  5. Sitting on my back patio drinking a glass of white wine
  6. Dining al fresco
  7. Thunderstorms one day, beautiful, bright, blue skies the next
  8. Soccer when it’s warm
  9. Walking after work
  10. Honeysuckle

What about you? What is your favorite spring thing?

8 thoughts on “spring fever

  1. I love sleeping with the windows open. We do that pretty regularly here in FL. Except when Hotrod travels – then I have visions of serial killers sneaking into my bedroom. Or gators. You know, whatever.

    PS. It was 83 here yesterday.


  2. Spring is about the only time I really love yard work, too. I love raking the oak leaves off my garden (I just let them stay there as protection through the winter) to find the tulips poking out!

    Sadly, I don’t know what to expect this year because we had a crazy mild January and they started to peek out… Then it turned bitterly cold before we had any snow to protect anything… Sigh.

    Spring’s at least a month off for me. I’m jealous.


  3. This weather is killing my motivation to work. Some of my favorite things are fresh cut grass, tulips, sitting outside with a glass of wine, baseball games, and driving with the windows down.


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