Later today, I’m going to blog about my Mother’s Day and post pics of my new herb garden and potted tomato and pepper plants.

Right now though, I’m going to talk about Survivor.

I was absolutely scandalized by Dreamz’s choice to keep the immunity necklace after he made that deal with Yau-Man.

For those of you who don’t watch the show, here’s the background info:

Yau-Man won a Ford f350 in a reward challenge a couple of weeks ago. He immdiately chose to use that truck as a bartering chip with Dreamz (who doesn’t own a car). Yau’s deal was that if he and Dreamz were both in the final 4 and Dreamz won immunity, that he would give that immunity necklace to Yau for the truck. Dreamz jumped at the chance. He swore to God and shook hands on the deal, then he spent the next two weeks saying he’d rather his son see him play with integrity and live up to his word than win the million bucks.

Fast forward to the final four. Dreamz won immunity so to me he had no choice. I was like Yau-Man…I never once imagined he’d renig on his deal. Imagine my surprise when he kept the immunity necklace and voted Yau out. Seriously, I was floored. Call me naïve, but I truly believe when a man gives his word like that, he has no choice but to live up to it. Wow. Guess I was wrong.

That’s okay though, cuz Dreamz didn’t think it all the way through…His decision to keep immunity cost him one million dollars. And Earl won…my #2 choice for the million. Yau was my #1 choice all the way.

I was very surprised at all the drama and anger directed toward Cassandra. Honestly, the folks on the jury needed to lighten up. They were killing me. Sour grapes is not pretty on TV.

To me, the ideal final three would’ve been Earl, Yau-Man, and Dreamz. I think Dreamz should’ve given the immunity idol to Yau and they should’ve voted Cassandra off. It would’ve been a tough vote and possibly it would’ve been a 3 way tie. That would’ve been awesome.

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