mother’s day

Usually, we do a movie for Mother’s Day but this year, the only thing that the boys were willing to take me to was Spiderman 3 and it’s not on my to see list. Looks a bit too melodramatic even for me. I like my cheese on a cracker, not on the big screen.

So I told them I wanted to plant an herb garden this year and they could help. Imagine the joy they felt in their hearts to know they were going to have to help Mom plant stuff instead of going to a movie.

In their defense, they managed to assist me with my tomatoes and peppers pretty much without complaint. But about five minutes into the herb portion of the planting, they wandered off toward the water hose and a mud puddle–where they spent the next 3 hours making a total mess of the backyard, but having a damn fine time doing it.

Here’s the product of our labor:

I had Fishdog and the boys buy this planter spefically for my herb garden. Isn’t it awesome? I planted 9 herbs: Lemon Basil, Dill, Thyme, Cilantro, Roesmary, Lemon Verbena, Parsley, and Oregeno

a close up

In the back row I have 3 tomato plant and the other 4 pots contain various peppers. I love homemade salsa, don’t you?

Here’s the front flowerbed that I finally managed to mulch on Sunday after spending all last weekend weeding and planting. If all works out like I’ve planned, all the empty spaces will soon be filled with wildflowers

View 2

The side garden (it’s really all one big garden) This is where my roses are planted. They are doing beautifully now!

and just for fun, here’s a pic of my bearded irises from the other side of the house.

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