left coast bound…

T-minus 2 days…and I’ll be popping my San Francisco cherry. I can’t wait.

My friend Andrea asked me to come to her hometown with her for Memorial Weekend to celebrate her 40th birthday. Of course, I’m happy to celebrate her turning 40 before me…and I’m even happier to do it in city like San Francisco.

My friend Naughty Kate lives in SF…I hope we can connect while I’m there; but my itinerary is pretty much up to the people I’m relying on for transportation.

We’re spending all day and all night in the city on Saturday night. I’m afraid San Francisco won’t ever be the same after I’m through with it…

Things I’m looking forward to while there:

  1. diversity. I live in Oxford, MS. Diverse is not exactly how I would describe this quaint little literary town. Wanting to be diverse and actually accomplishing that are two different things.
  2. gay men. I miss gay men. There just aren’t any (in the open) here. I need a new gbf. Maybe I can find one on the left coast.
  3. fresh seafood. Really, is an explanation needed for that?
  4. the wharf. I know, how very touristy of me. But really, how can I go to SF and not go to The Wharf?
  5. the weather. Being in the south, we’ve already had our share of 90 degree weather with 90% humidity. and it’s only MAY. So, I’m really looking forward to a few days of cool air. I’m also going to enjoy breathing in the air without feeling like I’m sucking it through a wet cotton ball.

In other news, I connected with a couple of old friends of mine from high school today. There are a few people I’ve kept in touch with over the years and a few that I lost touch with but think about very often. Today, I exchanged emails with a couple of those folks and it was great.

I can’t believe my 20 year reunion is this summer. Where did the time go?

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