getting all inside the beauty of my trip. and even better, inside the beauty of #equalrights

FYI, the reference of “inside the beauty” comes from a creeper message on Facebook. We have taken this on as a new turn-of-phrase. And we modify it on occasion. If we get up inside your beauty, you know we mean business.

New message from the Other Inbox: Please to be my friend, pretty lady? You have very much beauty and I want to get inside your beauty.

Check out my pictures on Instagram from our trip to Iowa and Illinois.

The trip was breathtakingly beautiful. Every damn time I looked out the window, it was like looking at a postcard.

El Jefe’s family was amazing. So welcoming and fun.



After Iowa, we spent a lovely day with David and Kyle in Chicago enjoying the hell out of PrideFest.

1010181_10152014715537907_969093930_nYes. That’s Gaymart. The happiest store on earth.

Speaking of PrideFest…YAY SCOTUS! You made the right decision striking down DOMA. All Americans should have equal rights. Marriage is a human right. Period. And frankly, “separate but equal” has never worked…and it is not really equal. So. Let’s all get Gay Married! Okay, I know everything isn’t done yet, but striking down DOMA is a huge step in the right direction.


super stoked about Saturday’s #super moon!

Supermoon-430x430 moon-why-you-so-sexy-

We will be at a lovely estate on the Mississippi river enjoying Saturday’s Super Moon. We are definitely going to be looking out for E.T.SS_top_movies_ET

I will be basking in the glorious super moonlight. Looking like this:

devorssand this:

476512-bigthumbnailand y’all are going to be jealous Mo-Fos because you’re not with us. But don’t worry, we’ll be sure to have a grand time anyway. And you know I’ll take lots of pictures because I have a problem. I have an iPhone and I’m not afraid to point and click!

Today, it’s lunch and haircut with Rader. Then an appointment, then I’m off to finish laundry and pack so we can hit the road tonight when Jefe gets home from work. Aw. Yeah.

I don’t know if I’ll be updating the blog as we travel, but you never know! You can always check out my picture-trails from my instagram or facebook. Like I said, I have a problem. But I’m okay with it. I don’t need your approval to make me feel good about myself. (and if you find yourself in need of someone else’s approval to feel good, then you need to repeat after Stuart Smalley:)

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!”


take me for a ride on your big green tractor…

You think my tractor's sexy.

You think my tractor’s sexy.

Oh John Deere! I can’t wait to see your museum this weekend!

I was thinking I should wear something awesome to commemorate the visit. Is this “dress” too much?

If I put a pink camo John Deere trucker hat on with it, will that dress it down just right?

Of course, if I were to wear this “dress” I’d have to make a few adjustments. Like add about 3 feet of material at the bottom. The neckline is pretty much perfect for my girls…but I would probably want to wear a tank top so as not to overwhelm all the old farmers who are hanging around.

Okay, I’m kidding. Well, not about the pink camo trucker hat..but the dress? Only for Halloween. You know. When it’s appropriate to be a Slutty Tractor.

Even Ruby loves to John Deere Dream

Even Ruby loves to John Deere Dream

When you spend as much time on a John Deere Tractor as I do, you tend to develop a bit of a crush. So, it’s only natural that I would be overly-excited about my time at the museum. I can’t wait to sit on a combine. I hope I don’t get kicked out…

El Jefe has a family reunion in Iowa, so we are going to enjoy our time on the Mississippi River while I get to meet his family. I really hope his grandfather comes. The stories about him are always fantastic.

Once the reunion is over, we’re headed to Chicago for 1 night. I’ve never been before, and I know 1 night isn’t enough time, but…it’s PrideFest on Sunday! So it’s like the stars have aligned to make sure Chicago will be full of extra sparkle and fabulousness for my arrival. Thank you, STARS!

In a Walgreens update, I was contacted by the company yesterday after they read my blog. They’ve opened a ticket to investigate the complaint, which I do appreciate. The more I hear from people in my town, the more I realize that this Walgreens in particular seems to refuse to fill narcotic prescriptions on a regular basis. They are “out” a lot and “don’t know when they’ll have more in.” Well, that pretty much makes them the shittiest pharmacy ever if their purpose is to fill prescriptions and they rarely do. IT’S NOT YOUR JOB TO MONITOR OUR MEDS. That is called “Practicing out of the scope of your position.”

Walgreens. You’re fired.

Just in case today is the last day on earth…


I am on holiday as of noon today…I may or may not be around for a couple of weeks. We’ll see. Maybe I will pop in and share some love every once in a while…I know you’ll miss me…and I certainly don’t want you to feel sad or lonely.

Happy holidays everyone! I hope whatever you celebrate is wonderful and memorable.

Monday "fun" day

BlueBelle’s fan belt split apart yesterday on the way home from an epic weekend at the lake. So she took a ride.

This is just one more issue to add to her repertoire of late. El Jefe worked his butt off replacing her alternator last week. We’ve had to recharge and jump the battery multiple times, and now the fan belt.

I mean, I know she’s an old gal and these things happen, but do they all have to happen at once?

We had a blast at the weekend. Here’s a link to the photos. There was lots of shenanigans and mayhem.

I would like some of that peace and tranquility back. Also, I would really like for this head cold Jefe and I came home with to go away…

In other news, check this Chick out. This is a very funny and well-informed view of the Chick-fil-a hate message. You go Jackson Pearce. I agree with every word you said.

hey ho! Let’s go!

Gratuitous lake pics because we are headed there today! Yippee!

Do you recognize this hot blonde? Yep…she’s now a hot red-head…

And look, Rader is still just as silly…and I still have that swimsuit…
I still have this rock in my kitchen window…. cool huh?


Do you recognize these 2 kids? Me neither…

 Or these 2 kids? Funny a difference 6 years can make. YAY LAKE!

have you seen my brain lately?

Oh yeah, I probably lost it yesterday somewhere between my car breaking down 3 times and day dreaming about the lake.

Ahh, the lake. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow…

That’s about all I got today, gang. Everyone sing El Jefe’s praises for jumping my car and driving to hell and back for me 3 TIMES yesterday. And today? He’s buying a new alternator and installing it for me. Because he is awesome.

I think he’s a keeper.

I need a break

And by break I mean I need to soak up a massive amount of sunshine while lying out next to a body of water. If you have a pool, or a lake house, or a boat…consider yourself warned. I maybe be dropping by very soon… 🙂

In other news, my recap of Monday’s Bachelorette was posted at Hey Don’t Judge Me yesterday. I have officially renamed this episode: WILL YOU BE MY BABY DADDY? And can I just say, the dumbass parade was marching to their own drum in this episode.

Go forth, read, and swiml in the sea of idiocy.

I’m back!

I took a much needed two week break from blogging. It was totally unplanned, but I’m glad I did it. Hope you guys are still around. If not, I’ll just talk to myself. I do that a lot anyway. Good thing I crack myself up…

First things, first…The Bachelor is back and so are my recaps at Hey Don’t Judge Me! Go forth, read and let’s discuss the crazy! Because trust me, this season will be full of some drama.

Lot’s of things went down over the holiday break. And by “lot’s of things” I actually mean sleep. I did lots of sleeping. I slept all the sleeps. It was fantastic.

I also got a haircut…

I like it. 🙂 I never like having the same ol’ boring hair year after year.

I hope y’all had a wonderful holiday and new year.

By the way, I don’t believe in resolutions, but I do think I could use a revolution this year…let’s make it happen.

2011 Day the 2nd

The day the dynamic duo did DC…

Okay, so maybe we weren’t so dynamic. And maybe we only walked around DC for a couple of hours…work with me here!

It was overcast and rainy and slightly cold. DC wasn’t crowded, so we had no problems driving around (aside from a few Google Map misdirects) and parking was easy-peasy.

We decided to go visit Jefferson first since neither of us had done that on prior trips. Jefferson’s a big dude wearing a fur-lined pimp coat. I would NOT mess with him in a dark alley…just sayin’.

See how he towers over El Jefe? and in a PIMP COAT. Dude. He was rockin’ the presidency in style, yo.

We checked out the Washington Monument from afar…

Then went to pay Obama a visit to say thanks for being awesome. He wasn’t home.

Then we checked out the surrounding area, had a beer at The Laughing Man Tavern and dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill

And a good time was had by both.