i command thee…

While I’m at home trying to heal myself, I thought I’d order you guys to buy my friend’s book. We call her Naughty Kate for a reason, you know…. Buy it now:

Where Have all the Cowboys Gone? (Cheek) (Paperback) by Kate Pearce (Author)

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you’re Lauren
Redstone. In her case, a little klutziness at a hotel bar turns into an unexpected opportunity to indulge in her most erotic fantasy – sex with a real, honest-to-goodness cowboy. When Lauren wakes up the next morning, she discovers she’s gotten more than a night of incredible passion – she’s also sporting a brand new, sparkling gold wedding band.

Grayson Turner never expected a woman like Lauren to literally fall into his lap. He may have only recently traded his pinstriped suits for a dusty Stetson, but if the lady wanted a cowboy, he figured he fit the bill well enough. This was Vegas, after all, and marriage to this sexy woman fits his goals even better than a single hot night in the desert.

But Lauren’s plans don’t include a lifetime commitment to one man. Not when she has a nice safe life with her retro props business and a firm desire to stay far away from controlling men like her father. Love isn’t even a factor in her game plan. But her sexy cowboy isn’t ready to fold his hand just yet. Can he convince her that true love always wins the game in the end?

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