san francisco photos, part the first!!!

We began our trip of Northern California in Half Moon Bay. Lovely little town. Great beaches. The water was very “refreshing”. LOL (No, I did not get into the ocean. Even I know that the water is much colder in Northern California. sheesh!)

On Saturday, we drove into the city. Take a look at the fog over the city as we near San Francisco.

Isn’t the architecture beautiful? That was the thing I enjoyed the most…the character of the city.

We had lunch at the House of Nanking which was fantastic, then we walked around the corner to China Town.

You’ll see a picture of Grant Avenue. Had to take the picture in honor of my wee Scottish lad.

After China Town, we wandered past historical City Lights Books.

The newest fad–color-coordinated scootering.

More to come…

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