breaking up is hard to do…

Since we’re relocating, we have to sell the house. So, we’re trying the FSBO route first. I know that a Realtor can get us an mls and get us listed on multiple sites, but frankly, I don’t care. FSBO is the way to go for us. At least right now.

Last night we popped our “First Showing” cherry. Great couple. We had met them both before (Oxford is a very incestuous town. We all know each other. It’s like 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon) They are definitely a couple I would like to sell our house to. I think they liked it. They stayed for a pretty good while, looked around, asked questions. They left us feeling optimistic. Maybe they’ll wanna come back? Maybe they’ll call with an offer? Maybe I’m getting my hopes up…

Yeah. This is the part of FSBO that nobody talks about. The fear of rejection. When a Realtor shows your house, you only know it because they leave a card. You don’t get face time with the people who might end up rejecting your home. But with FSBO, you meet your potential rejectors. And that’s a bitter pill to swallow. What is wrong with our house? Did we talk too much? Was it clean enough? Is it overpriced? What is wrong with them that they didn’t make an offer on the spot? Can’t they see how fucking awesome our house is? All the hard work we put into it? The bamboo flooring, the new lighting throughout, the open floorplan, the 8×10 Master Closet!?!?!?! Can’t they see this is the house for them?

Yeah, see, maybe FSBO isn’t the way to go…whether we mean to be attached to the house or not, we are. I’ve been trying to break-up with my house for a few weeks. It hasn’t been easy. I’m thinking an offer will make things much easier, though. I never said my love and loyalty couldn’t be bought…

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