road trip

I love road trips. I especially love some of the odd things one sees while cruising along across multiple states.

Especially in the south.

For instance, today I saw a Sonic advertising: It’s back, the Southwest Supersonic buger . Now, I’ve never had a SW styled buger and I certainly haven’t had a SW styled supersonic buger. but that sounds like a big ass spicy booger buger. I wonder if it burns when they pick it…

and just down the street I found a sign for Jehovah Java: Gourmet Coffee. So, you get a dose of God with your morning shot of caffeine?

I saw a restaurant who advertised “Travelers Welcome”. Of course, this made me wonder, are there restaurants where travelers aren’t welcome? Do you have to sign in as a traveler or a local? Do travelers eat from the special menu?

I can’t tell you how many JESUS signs I saw. And I don’t mean churches. I mean billboards with just the word JESUS on it. I saw one billboard that advertised: “Parents, take the rod to your child to save them.” I shit you not. I’m sooo getting a picture of that one if I see it again.

I drove by one house that had it’s front yard fenced in with chicken coop fencing. The entire family was sitting in the yard, many of them on kid toys like wagons, big wheels, rocking horses, etc. I’m serious. I slowed down to take a better look cuz I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. It was very cartoonish.

So now I’m sitting in my big room drinking my Samuel Smith’s India Ale and enjoying some mindless tv. I’m gonna listen to the rest of the book I brought (Nora Robert’s Morrigan’s Cross. I’m loving the story but hating the reader) and I’m gonna just chill. I pick up two of my friends from the airport tomorrow at 1:30, so I’ll probably check out and head to the mall until their flight lands.

The beach and shopping. Doesn’t that just sound heavenly?

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