hi honey! i’m home!!

After 12 hours and one book on CD…I made it home. Funny how the trip down didn’t take near the amount of time the trip home took. I guess driving while juiced up on adrenaline makes a difference.

Last week was an unbelievable blast. Debauchery and gluttony ruled the roost and a blood oath was taken by each of the very willing participants that details of the trip would never be given to any outsiders.

It’s a shame I can’t speak of such things. Truly. I have great pictures memories.

Today is my official first day as a fulltime writer. Of course, I had to fix Mom’s computer and I have to buy groceries, but my goal is 3 hours of writing today. I wrote some last week…not nearly as much as I should have though. I did discover that it is difficult to type while holding a beverage in each hand.

I went back to the gym today. My week of sin carried over to my eliptical time. I could only do 20 minutes today and it felt like I was slogging through wet sand. I’ll work my way back up to the half hour. Maybe tomorrow.

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