i heart arkansas!

I love being home. It’s not that I didn’t love some things about Oxford, MS…it’s just that Oxford never felt like home. I do miss my friends though. (I’ll be there this weekend, y’all…so get ready!)

Yesterday, I was thrilled to discover that my favorite morning DJ was still on the air, just on a different station. Tommy Smith aka The Outlaw, apparently moved to 103.7, which is a sports talk radio station. I’m not sure exactly what happened between Tommy and his former radio station, Magic 105, but from the tidbits I’ve picked up, I might actually be putting my own life in danger by mentioning Tommy and Magic 105 in the same sentence. Shit. Now I’ve done it twice. Sorry.

Anyway, I had been flitting from station to station looking for morning DJs that just did it for me. Sharpe and gang over on Magic 105 are fun, and I do enjoy listening to them, but they don’t hold my attention enough. I’ve never been a big fan of Corey and Jay on 100.3 (which is my favorite radio station for music, but not for their morning show) But I would flip over there and listen for a while until one of them would say something that would make my ears bleed and then I’d have to flip again. (btw, I can’t pin down what it is about Corey and Jay that I don’t like. I honestly think it’s one of their voices and not the content. Or maybe it’s both. I dunno.)

I programmed 103.7 into my stations because you won’t get better Razorback talk anywhere else…but I hadn’t tuned in yet. And then I saw a commercial announcing Tommy Smith’s Roast to benefit Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Arkansas. He’s still on the radio! Rock on!

So, these last few days I’ve been listening to him and Bazzel and some other folks and I feel whole again.

Plus, I get to hear Razorback talk, which let’s face it, is like manna from heaven after living in Rebelville. Let’s take this moment to enjoy Shirley Q. Liquor’s rendition of Woo Pig Sooie. Go on, click the link. I’ll wait. Even my Rebel friends should listen. Don’t be a puss about it. I tolerated Hotty Toddy for 7 years, you can listen to one special hog call.


The boys have been in school now for 2.5 weeks. Last night, Ian spoke to his best friend’s mom back in Oxford. He tells her how much he loves his new school and how he misses Oxford, but the school here is really a lot better. That warmed my heart.

And you know what warmed it even more?

The fact that he wore a faux-hawk to school today. My sweet little long-haired-hippy-boy who had to cut his beautiful locks for his new private school, is still trying to push the rules. How proud am I? (he looks thrilled that I’m taking his picture, doesn’t he?)

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