horseshoes and hand grenades


I almost made my goal yesterday. I actually completed a scene which completed a chapter, but I did not write an entire chapter.

As my daddy always said, “Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

So, today’s goal: complete 1 chapter.


It’s storming today in Arkansas, and boy am I glad. We’ve desperately needed the rain as well as the cooling temperatures. It came a quick flood yesterday afternoon. A short burst of angry rain that nearly washed us off the road as we drove toward Rader’s soccer practice. Of course, by the time we arrived at the fields, the rain was over, which was great, because Rader really needed to practice.

He did well during practice but when the coach made him run a lap of the 3 fields, he nearly died. We told him during the last part of summer during his slouching, eating, and video game phase that soccer was gonna kill him if he didn’t get outside and run a little. Well, he figured it out real quick last night.

Ian started Cross Country yesterday, too. His coach said he hit that 1st mile with no problem, but about a quarter into the 2nd mile: problem. It seemed the summer couch potato lifestyle came back and bit him on the arse as well. LMAO. He runs 3 days a week at school. They’ll both be running with me the other days. I’m thinking being out run by your big momma might be incentive to get into shape. We’ll see.

Last night, after the kids went to bed, I settled in with my Kresley Cole book (I’m so gonna stalk her. She’s like awesome and totally in need of a new BFF. ) I was reading about this hot Scottish Vampire while the rain drummed soothingly on the tin roof of the porch when all of a sudden this loud freaking CRASH and BOOM shook the house. I thought a deer had crashed through the back porch. I turned on the light with the full expectation of finding a terrified 30 point buck thrashing around the patio.



So, we traipse into the backyard with our flashlight and began to investigate. We saw a very large tree limb on the roof of the patio. As we’re standing there, we hear a very loud CRRRRRRRAAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKK and another limb falls, scaring the piss out of us all. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, well except for the patio roof.. It was so loud it woke the kids, but they quickly got over it and went back to sleep.

And I settled back in with my sexxxxy vampire and the steady drumming of rain. With a glass of wine for my nerves.

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