weekend wrap up…

New movies watched:


I absolutely adored both movies. They were each very funny and The Cabin in the Woods was absolutely fantastic! Well written (duh…it’s Joss Whedon), hysterical, campy and a little creepy.

Saturday, I spent the morning with my BFF from high school and her family, then we had lunch. Afterward, I made another VERY SUCCESSFUL Pinterest recipe It was melt-in-your-mouth fabulous.

This is what it looks like before it is done. Sorry I forgot to snap a pic of after…but trust me, it was pretty and delicious. El Jefe calls the crockpot the Magic Food Bowl. heh You put regular stuff in and a few hours later, magic happens and deliciousness comes out. Yep, that’s pretty much what happens.

Saturday night I delivered half of the roast, potatoes and greenbeans to my friends and hung out with Bit for a while. She dubbed me Princess Pink (even though she assigned yellow to me as my favorite color.) She was Princess Purple and she wore her sparkly shoes. We both had on tiaras and I was instructed that next time I come over, I have to wear my sparkly shoes, too. Terms I am happy to comply with.

Then it was movie time:

Sunday was sunny and beautiful and the perfect day for soccer. The final score was 1-1. There were some not so great calls and some parents who were not so great examples by yelling at the refs and calling for red cards every few minutes. And they wonder why their kids act like assholes on the field? Because their parents act like assholes on the sidelines…

And Sunday night, I enjoyed a trip down memory lane with Ian as I forced him to watch HEE HAW while we waited on Boardwalk Empire to start. Apparently he didn’t find HEE HAW nearly as funny as I did. Neither did El Jefe, who quickly left the scene for the safety of the bedroom. Humph.

There’s just no accounting for some people’s taste…or lack there of, huh?

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Mine was filled with love, laughter and some fantastic food…which means I’m all smiles today.

weekend recap (Friday included)

I took a vacation day Friday and enjoyed myself tremendously. Robyn and I walked 3.5 miles at the Big Dam(n) Bridge. And look what we saw:

Yes. that’s the remnants of a beautiful proposal on the river bank that you can see from the bridge. It made our walk just that much more awesome. Grand gestures are the most beautiful gestures of them all.

Robyn and I met up with the HoneyBadgers Friday afternoon for happy hour. The HoneyBadgers are a local running group that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays before the crack of dawn. I may have to join them one day, just to say I did. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a morning person. But we’ll see…

Saturday was filled with a five-mile walk, lunch with El Jefe, Laura and da GodFodda at Cheers, then an awful Razorback game that I’d love to forget. I also made my homemade mac and cheese and stuffed crab shells. I’m not gonna lie, it was divine. As you can see, it was served on the finest of China.

I would love to claim that I made the stuffed crab shells as well, but in truth, Kroger seafood deli. $1.00 each. I put a pat of butter on the top and bake them at 350 til they are golden brown. DELISH.

The Mac and Cheese recipe I have makes a ton, so I volunteered to take a meal to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for my friends who’s daughter was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma earlier this year. (Read about her here) Usually when I go up there, Bit is sound asleep…but this time she was  awake and full of sunshine. Check us out:

Isn’t she the most adorable little thing you’ve ever seen?

There was also soccer and some gumbo at da GodFodda’s house on Sunday. Check Rader P out:

And there ya have it folks. The important parts of my weekend in a nutshell. Did y’all have a good one? I hope it was as full of friendship and sunshine as mine was.

Hidy Ho!

Boy I’m glad it’s Wednesday! I have a dinner date tonight with two very dear friends and I think it will be a dandy time.

Especially since I’m not the one cooking. 🙂

Speaking of cooking…I grilled some mean chicken last night. Mmmmm. I love grilling on Big Bertha. Charcoal is the only way to go…unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) when I’m finished grilling, I smell like campfire. I guess the level of goodness depends on how outdoorsy you are. If you like camping, then I was your girl last night. Hah.

Rader is headed out to North Carolina for a soccer tournament. I’m sad I can’t be there, but I know he’s gonna kick some major butt.

Happy Humpday, or Wine Wednesday, or however you choose to celebrate the middle of the week!

blog title? yeah, not today.

Holy crap, it was a busy weekend. Rader played in the Gold Division of the President’s Cup this weekend, and his team (The Deathcats) won the tournament! This means we are eligible to head to Greensboro, NC in June to represent Arkansas in the Regional tourney. How awesome is that? The last game was quite tough, as we had a very strict ref. He didn’t take no BS from anyone. So a player got ejected (well, he did throw a punch), Fishdog got ejected for yelling (after several warnings), a couple of parents got lectured and warned and a few more players were also sternly warned. And the game looked more like a rugby match than soccer. Lots of hitting, tripping, cursing, a few punches thrown (not even kidding) and mouthing off by parents and players alike. Fun times.<–NOT

Congrats Deathcats! Y’all played hard and you deserve the medal! For some action shots of Rader in the goal, go here.

It ended up being a beautiful fall weekend. My favorite kind of weather. Warm and windy with leaves raining down everywhere. Ruby, Clementine and I walked by the pond yesterday afternoon and I took some pretty cool pics.

And since Bobcat Greyskull isn’t allowed outside yet, I took one of him, being all cool and stuff:

My claws. Let me show you them.

I hope y’all had a great weekend. I did..but I’m glad it’s over…

weekend stuffs

Ugh. So Rader’s last soccer tournament for the season is this weekend. Naturally he has a game that starts at 8:30 AFREAKINGM. Seriously? I mean, c’mon guys… somebody really hates me.

But I’ll survive. Somehow. (caffeine and sweatshirts)

There will be some more yard stuff to be done this weekend, because next weekend we will be at the tower house on the lake having a great time with good friends.

Last night was the first really cold night, and I woke this morning sandwiched between a vice grip of animals. Trin and Ruby were pressed against my legs and Bobcat Greyskull was purring on my shoulder. I couldn’t move…mainly because I didn’t want to. But then my arm started to fall asleep and I had to interrupt their peaceful slumber. Not really. I moved, they didn’t.

Have a great weekend y’all.

insert witty title

who needs a title anyway?

This was a great, laid-back weekend. I did laundry, hung out with friends, the Razorbacks won, my son played a helluva soccer game and the coffee fairy showed up every morning!

Let me tell ya, everyone should get a coffee fairy. That guy rocks.

I didn’t take many pics this weekend (must have been off my game) but I did manage to capture quite a phenomenon in pixels.

All animals love clean clothes.

The moment I folded this pair of shorts, Bobcat Greyskull decided to take a break from wreaking havoc and being generally evil…to sleep on the clean clothing.

Notice where Trinity starts out…on a pillow away from the clothing. Then I fold some shirts and place them away from her and turn my back to find…

She has moved to the clean clothes side. So I scoot them out of the way…

and it appears she’s decided to “show me.” Ruby also enjoyed a pile of clean towels. I love having help with the laundry, don’t you?

our weekend of rapture…

You were left behind, too? WHAT? You mean we’re going to have to wait til 2012 now for our awesome playlist to be relevant?

I laughed yesterday when I read a status from a FB friend that said, “Wasn’t that like, the worst apocalypse EVER?”

FWIW, on the drive up to Northwest Arkansas on Friday, we thought the end was actually coming a day early. A black cloud of doom descended upon us. It was swirly and ugly but thankfully, no tornado formed.
This weekend Rader had soccer in Bella Vista, AR… so Jefe and I decided to get raptured from Beaver Lake where we stayed for the weekend while attending Rader’s tournament.

The Deathcats won their bracket and I rather enjoyed my rapture, so I’d say this weekend was full of win.

Beaver Lake is seriously so pretty that you should hate me on principle.
Saturday night, we headed to one of my favorite spots in Eureka Springs, AR: The Rowdy Beaver. (or as my friend’s mom calls it, The Randy Beaver. hehe) The Lori Locke Band was playing and we really dug their show. Good set of pipes and lots of talent to back her up.

All in all we had a great weekend. There was a little bit of mischievous recon action on the way home yesterday, but that information will remain in the vault. I will tell you strategery was involved. And ticks. Lots and lots of ticks…

pictures are worth thousands of words. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration

My weekend in pictures (and some brief narrative, because despite my lack of productivity in recent months, I am still a writer…)

Friday night… after fantastic pedicures with Robyn (go see Mickey at CK Nails on Cantrell. AWESOME) and while Ian was gallivanting about with his lovely girlfriend at the movies (they saw Thor and both said it was Surprisingly Awesome. Go figure) Rader and I had dinner with friends. We went to Salut where we had some of the absolute best homemade pasta I’ve ever eaten. Holy Spamoli I would have slapped my momma twice for the chicken cannelloni topped with fried spinach.

The next day, was soccer. All day of soccer. Down by the river…where I wish I had a van because the north wind was blowing and it was friggin’ cold. After game #1, Rader and I went to US Pizza for our favorite BBQ Chicken Pizza (it has jalapenos on it and is verra good)and this is where I took the pictures below:

My child is NOT RIGHT. He has all this hair, which I love…but it gets in his way during soccer. So we pull it back, but it falls out (well, it doesn’t now, thanks to my superior hair engineering abilities). Rader, being the sharp-as-a-tack guy that he is, took some pre-wrap and made a headband. I have referred to this as his Hair Injury.

Saturday night, we sat down with our tub of cheesy poufs to watch movies:

Yes, I had to fight them off my cheesy poufs. Ruby declared herself guardian of the pouf and Kitty G didn’t care. So she sat on my lap where she tried to take the poufs from my hands…

Sunday we had more soccer…and sadly the boys lost. Well, I am sad they lost, but not sad that I didn’t have to spend the rest of the day at Burns Park because I had 4+ hours of yard work to do. I don’t always have a lot of help, but Ruby decided she was all about John Deere Dreams this weekend.

When yard work was complete, Wolverine was put together…

And Trinity watched as El Jefe set up our HBOgo so that Rader and I can catch up on Game of Thrones which we are missing out on! I’m 4 shows behind now! The horror!!!

So…how was your weekend? Don’t worry if you didn’t get much done, I feel like I did enough for everyone!

ALSO: Please head to Fictionistas where my girl Stoney guest blogs today. You can follow Stoney on twitter [@stoneyboboney] and in the internetz at http://www.heydontjudgeme.com

Not the nose again!

My poor kid. He broke his nose this weekend playing soccer. We counted back and we think this is break #5, but we’re not sure. I do know the when the ER doc walked in and saw Rader, his first words were: “Well this isn’t his first time is it?”

Sadly, no. His first time was at 18 months old.

You see, my son is very passionate at times. And when he was a toddler, and he didn’t get his way, he would throw a hissy fit and bang his head on the floor. And me, being the Mother of the Year that I am, would tell him every time, “That doesn’t hurt me at all, kiddo.” He would eventually realize that I was unsymapthetic to his plight and he would work on a different approach to get his way.

Well, one time he threw his fit and was banging his forehead…and he missed–hitting his nose instead. He was so shocked that we had stone cold silence for a couple of seconds as his nose started to gush. And again, me being Mother of the Year, I said, “I’m thinking that might have been your last hissy fit, what do you think?”

Commence the wailing.

I called his pediatrician (who happens to be a friend of mine from high school) and I said, “So, how do I know if my 18 month old has broken his nose or not?”

“Is it bleeding badly?”


“It’s broken. As long has he can breathe, there is nothing we can do about it. Give him benadryl and tylenol and just make sure he’s breathing okay.”

So fast-forward 12 years and here we are with break #5. I only took him to the doc because I was afraid this was the ONE. You know, the break so bad it would require immediate surgery.

Luckily, no. It’s a good break. No surgery needed (yet). And so far no black eyes. But he does have 6 rocking cleat marks on his face. A a shnoz that would rival Squidward.

After our ER visit, Rader informed me that BBQ pizza was the best medicine known for a broken nose. I had to agree.

And for the momma, an ice cold beer was prescribed. All’s well that ends well.

BTW, the Green Death Machine won the tournament undefeated. It killed Rader not to get to play anymore, but he got his medal and he has the cleat marks to prove his awesomeness.