keyword analysis

First of all, thanks to everyone who popped over to the Cafe to say Hi! I appreciate it…and I fully expect you guys to do that for me every month. Today, Tess Harrison is discussing her love of book buying over there, so add the HEA Cafe to your daily read.

I’ve had some interesting search tool referrals lately. None as interesting as what they get over at Smart Bitches or KillerRants . I obviously don’t talk about man-titty and camel toes enough. (must. change. that.)

This week though, I’ve had multiple google hits for “heinous anus”, and “spanked pics”. Something must be in the air. Oh, and my favorite, “melissa francis hot”. (Yeah, I know they’re probably looking for the CNBC anchor, but let me dream for a second, please…)

One person googled my maiden name: “mel mckenzie radio”. Part of me wondered if it was an old high school friend who remembered that fateful day a local station hosted “complain about a teacher” day.

Gee, guess who called in? One of these days, I might have to tell y’all that story…

Someone who works for Safeway in Salt Lake City googled “melissa francis husband”. Honey? is there something you need to tell me? LOL

I get a kick out of reading my blog stats. I have a lot more readers than I realized. (You should all delurk one day and say howdy. Today would be good…)

Anyway, I’ve decided I’m just going end my blogs with a random word or phrase just to see if it pumps up the blog hits. Kristen Painter* had read somewhere that just mentioning Alan Rickman will increase your traffic….so I’ll start there.

Alan Rickman is hot when he’s not Severus Snape or the spitting Sheriff in Robin Hood. The more evil his character, the more hot he is to me…except as Snape, which frankly, kinda grosses me out. However, as much as I love his bad guys, I think my favorite of his characters was Col. Brandon in Sense and Sensibility. He made me swoon in that movie. Swoon, I tell ya.

*go read Kristen’s blog if you wanna find out how totally weird her mind is. She had a dream about me and Louisa — topless. Which, really isn’t far fetched…however, the company we were keeping…Just. Not. Right.

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