what time is it?

It’s early, that’s for damn sure.

Too early to be up cleaning…which obviously I’m not doing since I’m blogging.

I can has procrastinashun.

Last night, after a full day of dusting, cleaning, sneezing and watching 2 movies (oops, I accidentally sat down with the TV on…that’ll show me!) I went to dinner with my friend Andrea. It was nice to just sit and chill…and sneeze. Damn those dusty blinds! where’s my claritin?

Now this morning I have to finish vacuuming the cat hair out of the air and off the furniture, mop the floor and hit the road. Fishdog was up all night working (I don’t know if getting this new Powerbook was such a good idea now) so he was coming to bed as I was making coffee. He’s gonna get up when the sun comes up, mow and clean the carport. Then we should be ready for this weekend’s open house.

We have to go back to Little Rock today because Ian’s first cross-country meet is this afternoon. It won’t be thrilling to sit at the finish line and wait, but it is thrilling that Ian is running. I hope he sticks it out.

Anyway, I think I’ve procrastinated enough. Must. Clean. (after another cup of coffee, of course…)

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